Baby Daycare?

Can anyone recommend a daycare for kids under 2 in Taipei or the northern side of New Taipei City?

I’m not really fussed about language (they can speak Hindi there for all I care, it’ll work itself out) or cost, as it’s mostly a ‘save the sanity of the SAHD’ move so his entire salary can go towards it if necessary. But I’d like a place where they take the babies outside and let them be kids, and the teachers aren’t assholes!

Location isn’t that big of a deal either since I live in Tamsui and work in Neihu so I have to cross half the damn city anyway.

Can anybody recommend anywhere?

Well, we carry our daughter to a Montessori daycare called Freer Daycare Infant Center:

I know is not convenient due to its location (it’s in Da-An), but there are other Montessori daycare facilities spread throughout the city, and they’re usually better than the regular ones. Also, I’m sure that if you find a location in Tamsui (or nearby) it will probably be cheaper than one in Taipei.

Recently we talked to other parents who live in Taoyuan, and they were paying half of what we pay for their kid’s daycare (and it was also a Montessori school). Even so, ours is not the most expensive daycare center we found, in fact it’s about the average cost of a good daycare (before deciding for that one, we visited another one that was way cheaper, but my wife said it looked like an orphanage and I thought the place where they put the kids looked like an animal pen).

I just started my 12 mo. old here: springfield infant & toddler daycare center 春田托嬰中心 - it’s really close to MingDe station on the Red Line (near Beitou & Tianmu areas). … &ref=br_tf

They do babies (I’m not sure how young they start, but pretty young I think) up through age 2 1/2.

The head teacher speaks some English - she even writes his activity log in English for me :slight_smile: Her husband, who owns the place, speaks even more English, and he met with me on our first day to make sure we had all the bases covered, and then relayed the information to his wife.

It’s a small, intimate daycare. I really like it and feel comfortable with my kiddo there. The teachers seem super nice and friendly and it seems very safe.

What are the rough prices of daycare in Taiwan?
I am thinking of moving our 6 month old into daycare in the next few months to free up time for the wife and me to start regaining our lives…

My wife and I are looking for a daycare for our 4 months son. We only need it for a few hours every Friday afternoon while she is working at her company’s office.
We live in Sanxia and she works in Guting. Does anyone have a recommendation around these areas?