Baby guinea pig

I just got a call from the hospital where my babywas born 2 months ago. they have some kind of expermental innoculation they want to test on my daughter. I dont know what it is in english yet but i’ll find out. they said if she takes the shot she will get a free set of approved innoculations for other stuff and free medical checks every 2 weeks for 2 years. they will also send a messanger service to pick up her poopy pampers.

I dont know…free innoculations…free medical checks every 2 weeks…
sounds almost too good to be true.

time to get her passport and get the hell out of dodge

don’t walk run

This hospital wouldn’t be associated with Taiwan’s Germ Warfare Department, would it?

Experiments are experiments, where else do you think pharmaceutical companies get their laundry lists of adverse drug reactions from?

There is no free lunch in life, you are getting free checkups in exchange for taking an arguably small risk with your baby’s health

I still remember being really stressed out that my baby was going to have to have each immunisation seperately becasue she was not “storng enough” to have them all at once like you can in western countries
I waited til I could have thme back in a western country- delay for this can be good anyway

personally I would say no! - do you have an option???

Maybe your baby will be endowed with superhuman strength as a freak side effect of the shots. That would be cool.

Personally, I would avoid any experimentation on my (currently hypothetical) infants.

That said, if it’s a vaccination against a common disease, it might be worthwhile. They’ve been working on vaccines against HPV and HSV, either of which could save your daughter from various problems later if the vaccines work as hoped.

I got a clarifiacation from my wife. they dont offer a free check up every two week but they call you every two weeks to see if everything is ok. they pick up the diapers only if there are “explosive bowel movments” the free immunization is the one that wont make the baby sick. the lst shot she got made a grape sized pimple swell up on her arm.
anyhow i could pay a thousand nt and get the good shots and the rest of the medical care is almost free anyhow. unless this shot is to prevent stinky poop or makes them sleep at night i’m not interested.
the main problem is lack of communiction. the fact that it’s 3 days after i first heard about this and I still dont know what the shot is for is enough for me.

No way. Your baby is too precious to risk. Check "Lancet and the “New England Medical Journal” etc. before doing anything. The Doctor isn’t a very elderly German man is he??? With a South American passport?

If your child has stinky poops and is breasfeed it is a result of oversupply of sugar-rich foremilk - pretty common and very un-fatal.

I just saw on the news that a baby died today from the innoculation a was asking about a few months ago.

It said that he died right after taking the shot. I don’t know how true it is. I mean the baby could have died from anything but it looks bad.

the poor family.