Baby in Taiwan

I plan to work legally in Taiwan, but my wife will be having a baby a month after we get there. Can any one refer me to private health insurance in Tawain? Any help on this matter would be appreciated.


You’re not in Taiwan yet?

If you’ll be working here legally you should be covered by national health insurance, no?

and your wife, as your dependant, is also eligable to be covered through you. But…why an earth are you bringing a eight month pregnant woman with you? What a terribly difficult haul, and no real time to adjust to her new home before going through child birth in a place where she (i assume) won’t even be able to understand what the medical workers say to her, unless you find some with great English. How tough! And that means that you have almost no time to choose a dr. and the dr. will be taking on a paitent that he has no medical history for. I don’t think this is a wise decision. Let her have the baby and come out to meet you later, if you just have to come over now. Better yet, stay home until after your child is at least three months old.