Baby jumping

no comment on it, just made me smile :slight_smile:

Glad to see they’ve found a use for these drippy, noisy and smelly little people.

and also a use for the babies

damn, that jumper looks like he’s going to miss the landing zone.

i hope he doesn’t turn an ankle. maybe they should have moved the babies closer to where he anticipates landing, or used a much deeper and larger basin and filled it with at least 100 more babies so that the landing was softer?

Pffft! This is NOTHING!

Robbie Knievel just jumped over 24 buses in Ohio. … 91436.html

I don’t see what the big deal about this baby thing is.

Oh yeah, and babies aren’t even anywhere near as big as a bus anyway, so 24 buses is like a million babies. How many did that Spanish bloke jump over? 6 or something?


I’m starting an online petition.