Baby kittens need help

Two kittens were found on the balcony at work here in Hsin Tien. Probably washed down from above. They seem to be about 10 days old, but nobody is much of an authority on that. One is taking in milk, but the other doesn’t seem to drink even with the syringe.
Does anyone want to take two kittens?
They’re those brown tiger-striped ones, and of course, being kittens, they’re cute. Help!

At that age, if a kitten is not drinking it is very serious. A kitten can go from walking around to collapsing within a matter of a few hours. At ten days old, kittens need to be fed very often throughout the day, and at least once throughout the night. Yes, that means you need to set up your alarm clock and get up in the middle of the night to bottle feed the little guys.

The main thing I would suggest at this point is to take the kittens to a vet ASAP to find out why one of them will not feed. I’d say that’s urgent. Once a kitty collapses, the chances of survival is down to 50/50 with good care.

It’s also important to rub the kitties belly with warm damp cloth after they eat. A mother usually uses her tongue to do that and it helps the babies having regular bowel movements, and that’s important. You can also rub their faces with the warm cloth, they really like that because it feels like mom is washing them. Just make sure the cloth isn’t too wet. You don’t want the kitties to get cold if they get wet.

Good luck, and good for you.


Anyways, that’s a good reminder. Thanks for the advice. Both kittens are fine and found homes.

Good news! Way to go :slight_smile: