Baby seats

i’ve done a search, and can’t find anything on this. if it exists, apology offered and please merge.

we’re due to have a son in about a month. we need a car seat for the little guy. i’ve done some looking online to see what’s available, as well as looked around a little.

i am hoping to get some responses from those who have bought one here - would you recommend it? where did you get it? price? etc. methinks this could be useful info for anyone else who is expecting soon.

thanks in advance.

Here’s a store we recommend often:

New Mama

If you don’t have a stroller yet, then it would be a good idea to buy the stroller and the car seat as a set, so that you could use the car seat on stroller’s wheels if necessary. I think the most common such brand in Taiwan is Graco.

We had Maxi Cosi Citi with Quinny stroller, but I am not sure if those brands are available in Taiwan. Quinny definately isn’t. Our car seat was very good - quite light and very comfortable for the baby. The only problem was it’s synthetic lining that made the baby sweat a lot.

And make sure your car’s safety belts are long enough for the car seat. You don’t have time to mess with that once the baby arrives :slight_smile:

If the seatbelts are too short, get you mom to send you a seat belt extension.

I’m surprised you can’t find one. You can get some really cool ones at the bigger tuner shops (like on ChenDe on teh way to Shitpi)

Re New Mama, I should have mentioned that they have a tech who will make sure your carseat is installed properly. Try calling first to get more info on this service so you don’t have to waste a trip if for example, they only do this for seats purchased from their store. A valuable service though.

Think about getting one that goes completely flat so that you can use it when you baby is still a newborn and cannot sit up. Then it should also be able face backward and turn to face forward when the time is right. The ability to swivel is nice to be able to put your child in the seat from the side of the car then turn him to face the back or front.

We bought an Aprica from one of the shops across from Adventist Hospital at Bade and Tunhwa Rd. I thknk Aprica is the only one that makes the swivel type that can spin around from different position, or was it that they were the only ones that could lay flat for newborns?

However, I wish I had one that was easier and take out and install. Kind of complicated, so it is always there with no clue how to put it back if I take it out. Most shops should have the service to install it for you. The one I bought from did it for free, especially considering the darn thing is is expensive.

It’s been a few years since I had to use one but I bought mine at Toys r us of all places. Back then they had a pretty good selection of upper-end forward/rear-facing seats.

Remember paying about 4,000NT

thanks for replies.

i’ve walked into the best option - one from a friend who’s kid is too big for it now. very safe. and the seat comes out without the mount, so we can just carry him in it. then we can save the $$$ and spend a little more for the bigger one when he’s older.

btw, maxi cosi does sell in taiwan. i emailed them, and they even sell here in taoyuan (little ding - across from tesco). so if anyone’s looking. i’m thinking about one of theirs when the little guy’s too big for this one.

tesco must have millions of the things!

Like Braxton Hicks said New Mama has a great selection of both strollers and car seats as does Daughters are Treasures (corner of RenAi and GuangFu) Also Quinny is available in Taiwan both at Daughters and Mothercare. Quinny can be adapted for a Maxi Cosi care seat.

Car seats range from about 3000nt to 20000nt.

Just be sure to google any baby items you buy here. That goes double for off brands. I’ve found a numer of baby things here that are banned in the U.S and Canada.
Sometimes they will jput a new sticker on items that were recalled in the states. I bought a babywalker that had a new generic sticker covering the brand name(that was recalled last year)

I’ve found strollers, baby walkers, pacifiers, clothes and cribs that were recalled elsewhere for sale here.

Maybe I am being overprotective but everytime my little’un has fallen has been head first on 2 inches of strategically placed foam so iI guess i will do this for the next 18 years.

A problem with 2nd hand car seats: has it been in an accident? You should never use them again as the anchor straps etc. have been strained and may fail if stressed again. Buy a new one for peace of mind. (i don’t work for a baby seat company or store :wink: )

i understand the concern, however i know the seat was not involved in any accidents … in this case, friend = old neighbor, and still someone i meet once a week or so. they’ve not been in any accidents since owning the car, so i feel quite assured.