Baby Sex Charts

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I’ve been reading with interest the charts that predict your childs sex. There’s one here,239161_438396,00.html and there also one one braxtonhicks’ website. Anyway, ‘apparently’ legend has it that the chart was buried in an ancient tomb and only found recently. My question is this - Does the age of the mother, in the left column, need to be calculated in lunar years or western years.

That’s interesting. I would be interested in checking this as well. Funny thing is that I thought science proved that it was the males chromosome that determined the sex of the child and basically had nothing to do with the mother.

But then, when I lived in HK they told me chicken feet were good for your feet and fish eyes were good for your eyes and drinking turtles blood would make you live a long time because turtles live a long time.

Amos: If it’s so ancient and reproduced ''as is" then it would be lunar years, surely?
Anyway, it’s easy enough to calculate both and then figure out if it makes sense for a given sample of moms. Not that I know my own lunar age, or whether you should also add one year the Chinese way.

It’s been accurate for all of my siblings and cousins and coworkers who have had children in the last three years.

ImaniOU, did you calculate it in lunar years?

Should be banned. At least in deeply sexist countries like India and China. Aborting your unborn baby because it’s the “wrong” sex - the dark side of technological advance.

I think the Chinese look at it as a plan for birth of the preferred sex rather than a plan for death of the unwanted one.

On the bright side, at least such technology has cut down on the post-natal abortion rate.

You sound like you’re talking about ultrasounds - not baby sex charts? As amos says, I think they’re intended to pick ‘right’ days for conception - and very low tech :wink:

I and a few friends all checked ours well after the event - so far, it’s five for five. I recommend this one because no calculation is required:

As for the sex being dependent on the male chromosomal contribution - yes, technically it is. However, my personal crackpot theory is that the chemical/physical conditions inside the mother’s body at the time may just possibly influence the odds of a “male” or “female” sperm winning the race - like conditions on a racetrack. I’ve never seen any research on this, but feel free to disillusion me :slight_smile:

You’re not far off.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility

Someone pointed out a couple of differences in my chart compared to a couple others but I was too busy to figure out where/why. I remember seeing this chart for the first time about ten years ago. In an office of over fifty people, the chart was accurate. Don’t remember how many people we “surveyed” exactly, but it was pretty close to the entire office.[/url]

I think it’s all in the chromosomes. You need to look inside the genes.