Baby shot dead by young teen … 07088.html

Some places are just too dangerous for normal people to live in.

The shooter may only be 15 but I would sentence him to death if I was a judge.

Some people really don’t deserve any leniency.

Tommy, I worry about you, you spend an inordinate amount of time reading about truly horrible things. Here, this is better for your soul: … ging-fire/

yeah sorry to burden you with this type of sad news. Its a fucked up world we live in .

“Tommy, can you hear me?”

It would seem you have a weird fixation about reading about the banality of evil. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but there are those of us that run into said evil, and don’t really have to get too appalled while sitting in a comfy chair and uttering:
“Tsk, tsk. What is the world coming, too?!”

I would venture that it has indeed often been much, much worse than it is now, and as such will no doubt be much. much worse at some point in the future.
So what?

Its our american news. These type of stories are in the head lines. Cant avoid readin em almost.

Fair go, tommy!
I know how it is. I was right across the river from Detroit a couple of years ago, and did that rub even more the tale of Much Ado About Nothing.
People adapt, they make do, they hang the fuck on.

But the question remains:
Why not just buy out of the mainstream media?
That’s right, cancel that subscription.