Baby sweating

on these hot days, our seven month old daughter, Saoirse, swears alot. I have resigned to the fact of putting her in airconditioning at 22C when she is at home . She still sweats but not as much
I also have noticed that putting on the dehumidifer helps

Does anyone have the same problem, or know of a better way to do this. I don’t mind have the A/C on all day, but do not like her being in A/C all the time

Our daughter dislikes the heat too, she has mild excema which means she gets really itchy when hot & sweaty.

That being said we try to keep her in non-airconditioned rooms as much as possible except when it gets really humid. Now I am not being sadistic, but rather the thought is that doing this she will aclimatize to the heat. I mean you can’t live indoors all summer…

We have both ceiling fans and floor fans to keep a nice cool (somewhat) breeze blowing, as well as the windows open. Should also try to stop direct sunlight comming into the room to keep it cooler.

Don’t use western baby clothes, these are generally thicker and hence trap more heat, local cheap flimsy breaths better and will feel cooler. Alternativy just wear a diper around the house.

Strangly hot drinks rather than cold help too, during drinking she will sweat, but after when she is warm the ambient temperature will feel cooler (some kind of Chinese logic), of course if she sweats dry her hair otherwise with the fans blowing she could catch a cold!

My kid was a terrible sweater for the first 6 months. He also developed this sweat-rash, but I don’t think it was itchy. Now he’s 13 months old and still sweats like a pig but he doesn’t seem to care about it much. At home we always have a big bowl of water on the floor and occasionally he goes and plays with the water and spraes himself with it. The water is about 25 degrees, so it cools him down quite quickly. Half of the time he walks around without a diaper (a good start for potty-training).

About clothes. Local clothes might be light but are often synthetic. It’s important for a small baby to wear cotton. Linen would be good too, but it’s hard to find. And no socks - bare feet help the baby stay cooler.

I might be mistaken, but I thought there was no scientific way possible for a child with wet hair to catch a cold because of air blowing on him/her. Is this some Chinese idea? Is this why people freak out on the street if my kids hair is wet? It just seems SO strange!

I sweat a lot too in the summer without air conditioning. Why would this be strange in a baby? Just set the a/c at 22 degrees.

I heard on the radio yesterday that if you set your a/c to 28 degrees, you can save around 60% in power costs compared to 25 degrees… but I’m wondering, is there any point turning it on if you set it at that temperature?

My son gets a really sweaty head when he’s sleeping. We bought a very good children’s pillow that draws away the sweat (one of those ones with small holes in it), it helped a lot.