Where can you find a babysitter here in Taipei ? to clarify someone to come around your home one evening to look after the kids while you and the missus go out for an evening.

Back in the UK it seemed the norm to get a friend, college student or teenager (17+) living in the area who was looking for a little extra pocket money… here well I would not trust leaving my kids with students or teenagers… in fact not sure who I would trust… :loco:

So where can I find an AdHoc service which we can use once or twice a month ?? with just a day or so notice ? any references appreciated.

Of course I could just continue to go out myself and leave the wife at home :laughing: :bravo:

Vidyasvari (sitter @ is an Indonesian national living in Taiwan. She speaks English fluently, some Chinese, very little (at the moment of this post- May 05) German and French. She is a non-smoker, willing to do light housework, worked as a private tutor before. Being able to work with children (and teenagers) has been one of her passions. They are positive, energetic, and remind you to be the same, :).

I am a 28 year-old female, Indonesian passport, both parents are of Chinese descent. I attented the best High School (A Catholic one) in the province where my hometown is and the best university (A Christian one) in a town where our family lived later. I have always been the teachers’ favourite student and have won severaI prizes for various school subjects- district (city and town) level. have been a vegetarian for 5 years and vegan for 4. I know a lot about veganism, by surfing the internet and reading vegan books, and I have some vegan contacts (and friends) in several countries. I am not religious, but I have read enough Buddhist literatures to be able to explain what Buddhism is, if needed. Chinese martial arts, badminton, reading and writing are my favourite past time activities.

My majors were English and Information Technology (no degrees obtained).

I have some of my recommendation letters online, :).

I am available to work asap, of course, a month-notice, at least, would be greatly welcomed, :)!

If you are in need of a (live-in) nanny, or a domestic worker, please feel free to contact me, :)!

Wherever you are, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai, and anywhere
nicer, in this world, :)!

more about me:

I have always loved children and have been spending times with them (among them are my students, my younger brothers and cousins), as the eldest and only daughter in my immediate family and one of the eldest among my cousins, I have always been a great help taking care of my brothers and younger cousins- especially at family gatherings. I believe in introducing love and reverence as opposed to the coercion method, in giving them tools to develop their own ideas and preferences instead of stating and enforcing what are ours.

I hope to find a great family soon, currently I am a Mandarin student at .

I am willing to start (as a Nanny / Domestic Helper ) as soon as required, although I most probably won’t be able to start asap without an early notice.

Asking: 500 EUR Nett/ month.

( I have a First-Aider Certificate from S.O.S. International . I have visited Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen, :). )

The Community Services Center has an “amah registry”. Visit their site at for contact numbers and address. They’re in Tienmu.

I know of a family that is going home for the summer, and their Taiwanese part-time helper is probably looking for some work. The hourly rate is probably 250/300 per hour. I have met and spoken with this lady, and seen the way she is with my friend’s children. She speaks English well, and seems very patient and kind. LMK if you’d like more info.

braxtonhicks, although I already have an abundance of people ready to relieve me of Tiff for the night, it might be still in forumosa’s interest to ask what the minimum hours are. Is it like at home where you can get somebody for just 2.5 hours, and in somewhere like, let’s say, Zhongho? Experiences appreciated. Thanks.

Haven’t heard of anyone asking for a minimum number of hours, but for nighttime sitting, I’m told cabfare home is usually expected at the end of the night (I think buses and MRT stop running at about the time folks return from an evening out).

That’s a good question to ask at interviews though.

This is more like what I would be potentially looking for, very irregular possibly once or twice a month for just a couple hours an evening… Not really looking for a full-time nanny…

Sorry, I should have been more clear. Some of these “amahs” want full time work in the day time, some are happy to do part time sitting so you can have an evening out.

I know how hard it is to find a sitter you can trust, and especially if you don’t live in the usual expat areas so you can get recommendations.

One thing you can do is look for other families with young children in your neighborhood, or people you enjoy spending time with, and trade off on the sitting. Of course, that keeps you from going to a movie/dinner together, but at least you get out once in a while.

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind babysitting some Forumosan’s little ones if they wanted a night out. I’d bring along my collection of favorite read-aloud books and some Greg and Steve to dance to before bedtime, though, if you don’t mind.

I have been officially babysitting (not just looking after my little sister) since I was 9 years old and I do miss doing it since all the kids I used to babysit back home have grown up enough to babysit other children now (or have babies of their own :astonished: ).