Back In Taiwan after six years...what's worthy of my time and money in Taipei now?


Talking food, bars, art, quirky sh8t, concerts, sports, shows…pretty much up for anything.

I heard there is now a vinyl record bar or something.

I’ll be around June 27th or so to July 10th or so.

jd :whistle:


I’m not in Taipei but just wanted to say… Welcome back


Thank Gus. :wink:

However, given my scuba diving proclivities, I may be headed south…so suggest away. :slight_smile:


Six years ?
Almost another world then

Fill us in on yer observations when u can


They moved the bars outside in Gonguan(that were by the Waterpark), to the riverside next to Pipe, which is cool.


Welcome back


How much money we talking? They’re still selling stinky tofu at the night-markets. Go get it while it’s hot (and stinky)!


Thanks. How you been?


Yeah, I was in Taiwan for 18 years. Stopped with the whole Night Market scene at year three I think. Stinky tofu is OK for the first three bites then it’s garbage. Then you realize you just ate fresh garbage.

That, and I have enough money to do a bit more than that. :slight_smile:


I think you’re referring to Vinyl Decision, near Liuzhangli MRT station. It’s all right. Can be fun when they have an event on, but it’s usually dead when there isn’t one.


I like it Dead. :wink:

Does one spin one’s own, or is it a library kind of thing?


You can do both. Either take your records with you or browse the shelves and stick one on.


Interesting. Thanks. I may bring a slab with then.