Back on planet north america

so here i am, back in san francisco for the first time since i moved to taiwan almost two years ago. i have mixed feelings. i’ve read all the posts about coming home and feeling weird. i feel bored. i’ve seen the friends, they’re fine… picked up where we left off. didn’t feel as though i’ve been having some magical experience that no one was interested in, let alone me feeling the need to constantly talk about it. i enjoy the clean air, the space, clean everything. i like being able to buy jeans that are long enough for me, underwear that is cotton. i’ve enjoyed browsing in walgreens at all the new products, etc… today is TV day although i feel kinda ripped off that American idol is over. kinda wanted to see what all the hype was about. did catch jerry springer last night; “i had a threesome with my daughter.”

i find the young girls, 10-13 to look older than me, 25. i find being able to understand conversations around me incredibly invasive and lame, having spent the majority of my time in taiwan both illiterate and mute with the locals.

i’m on day 4 and it’s good to be back and see the family. jet lag allowed me to sit on the front steps this moring and watch the garbage men walk up my driveway and take the trash themselves from the bin. i told them about the musical ones in taiwan. i like not seeing big lumpy cockroaches and sick animals on the street, but i miss drinking jun joo nai cha.

it’s boring here compared to taiwan and me returning to taiwan to continue a life there has absolutely nothing to do with the popular notion (assumption) that foreigners stay in taiwan because they can’t “make it” at home. i just wish i could combine the best of both worlds without having to move to wanfang community. i like seeing the diversity here and looking like everyone one else.

i don’t know why i’m writing this.

You’re probably writing this because you’re experiencing reverse culture shock.

After my first two years in Taiwan, I returned home. I too enjoyed the cleanliness and the variety of my-sized clothing and consumer goods. I ate Mexican food most every day. I quickly started to feel that the U.S. was really boring compared to Taiwan.

Chasing women, working out, and getting back into school resolved the boredom problem for me.

Hope things get more interesting for you soon.


yeah, maybe it is reverse culture shock. good thing i’m going back to taiwan in a few weeks.

I’ve been back in the US 3.5 years now, and am finally starting to get used to it. Still miss the ready availability of good oolong tea, though, among other things.

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