Backing up files (ie Outlook email messages)

Hi. I am trying to back up my files so i can format my hdd or move to another OS (may try windows xp home. currently have win2k pro)

Am trying to find my email messages to click and drag onto cd backups, but can’t find them. where does windows put the emails. how do i archive them manually without the use of a commercial system? what file extensions are the messages?

secondly, how do i save my browser (IE 6.0) settings eg bookmarks, quicklinks etc. (i tried that XP settings transfer, but would like another backup to the backup)


my bad, just saw the other post about the dbx files.

still, is there an answer on how to save my browser settings and bookmarks?

There are instructions embedded in the following thread talking about how to save messages/settings and move them to another computer for “Outlook”:

To save bookmarkes in IE, just go File > Import and Export

To save browser cookies, use the same interface.

Just back up the PST files usually found in:

C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

No need to check out the other link. PST’s include anything important within Outlook. (ie. Email, Contacts, Journal)

The procedure given at “that link” that you don’t need to look at would enable you to control the PST export on these levels:

  1. export messages only or any other sub-component (like contacts) in your Personal Folder. Basically more control.

  2. Encrypt your PST file. Basically more archive security.

  3. Do incremental backups to an existing backup PST file with the ability to update what only what is new. Bascially more convenience.