Bacon of the Day

Could you please stop eating humans? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Just as an antidote to the general silliness here, I recommend:

The cure mix that he’s using will be 27g salt + 3g Prague cure. Prague cure (also known as Cure No. 1 or Pink Salt) is 6.25% w/w sodium nitrite and 93.75% ordinary table salt. You can skip the nitrite if you wish and use 30g of salt, although if you do that you should not attempt to cure for longer than three days, and keep the finished bacon frozen (meat cured with nitrites is almost guaranteed safe to be kept in the fridge for several days).

Most bacon cure mixes include 10-15g of sugar, honey, or similar, and some spices (eg., crushed peppercorns).

Dead easy and the result is well worth the effort.

Well yes but you also need to smoke it a bit.

The hard part in Taiwan is finding the right rolling papers …

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Smoking gives you cancer. And that, of course, is why nutritionists think bacon gives you cancer.

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And just to be safe, these amounts are per kg of pork belly, folks…

don’t go much beyond 3% salt or you’ll need to wash the crap out of it later. and it gets more concentrated as the water dries out, so figure that in too.

Don’t go below 2.5% to 3% total salt either, or you’ll be sharing the bacon with botulinus bacteria…

Yeah, you have to get that amount exactly right. There’s a lot of videos on Youtube that give numbers all over the place. My personal preference is slightly less than 3% (about 25-27g/kg). And honestly, although there’s a lot of noise made about nitrites, I don’t see any reason not to use a nitrite cure. There is no known health hazard associated with it, and the risk of a half-assed cure resulting in food poisoning is not zero.

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keeps the prosciutto nice and pink too…

I have been making pancetta, guanciale, prosciutto, coppa and salami for about 5 years now. And I swear that I haven’t killed anyone yet!



I can send you some undercured ham if you’d like to be first. Best to wait for August, i think.

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It was a joke, dude! I swore off human decades ago.

I haven’t sworn off beef though. And for some reason it tastes better if it’s on special! :cow: :money_mouth_face: :yum:

Cow 19 cents


Pervert! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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His sort just can’t seem to pass up an opportunity for probing. Cows, humans … an orifice is an orifice. And it seems they don’t have a tablemanners rule about not playing with your food.

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[quote=“finley, post:54, topic:204582”] :nauseated_face:
Cows, humans … an orifice is an orifice.

Eeewww. Don’t make me chew my cud yet another time.

Probing?! Gross and primitive, you silly hooman.

Cows make nice pets but nicer dinners. :hamburger:

Getting back on topic…

kevin bacon young vs. old

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Baconia aeneomicans



Does it taste like bacon?

Probably chicken, I think, unless you smoke it first.

More importantly, does the soap taste (or smell) like bacon? :thinking: