Bad Economy, high unemployment, MORE marriages?

Are there more marriages recently (as in last 3 months)?

I heard my Taiwanese male coworker say that it’s at a high now and more singles are taking their chances in a double income relationship (with loans and such) than ever before. With a good economy, being independent and single can be fun and even profitable. With a bad economy, being in a marriage could lead to loans and doubling the chances of survival.

I found it funny and started to become afraid of the winks that’s coming my way from females. And that’s something cause I’m one fugly guy.

Maybe Maybin.

People here are pretty practical.

I would be suspicious if any of the winkers asked what you do. That would clearly be sizing you up as a business partner under the guise of spouse.

Hey, I’ve got more posts than you.
How many more till I catch Sandman?