Bad Ed. Bad You?

If you wrote this, what would you say bad about yourself, in terms of who you are, who you live with and where you live (on Taiwan Island most likely)?

Since my ‘‘real’’ name is Ed, here is what I wrote:

"Since everyone else is doing it, I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and scold myself:

Bad Ed, for suggesting that productivity can be a good thing.

Bad Ed, for suggesting that not all people are as productive as they can or should be.

Bad Ed, for suggesting that the best way out of the boss’s doghouse is not always to sue him.

Bad Ed, for reminding people that not everyone works for a living.

Bad Ed, for reminding people that some people actually have to see the inside of the office building a few times a week.

Bad Ed, for reminding people that allegations are not always true just because someone makes them.

Bad Ed, for believing that people can be prolific and do quality work at the same time.

Bad Ed, for expecting others to multi-task.

Bad Ed, for also holding yourself to the same standard.

Bad Ed, for having too ethnic a surname [Postnowkewscki] and taxing the spelling ability of some readers.

(Have I missed anything? Oh, yeah …)

Bad Ed, for occasionally reading the Taipei Times.

(And this, courtesy of my GF:)

Bad Ed, for not spending enough time with his GF’s daughter (who starts kindergarten next Monday) because you spent all weekend responding to the pitchfork-and-torch people lurking on the board.

I think that should just about cover it. I apologize if I’ve missed anything, but I have the feeling that if I have, someone will let me know.

Your turn…

After reading that I’ve got a bad 'ed.