Bad words, English Chinese, home & school appropriateness?

Not even documentaries or Disney movies?

Curiosity Stream is nice if they are allowed the prior.

When it comes to being in front of younger kids, i also have very similar beliefs as you. I swear like a fugging trucker, as you may have noticed. And i censor myself a LOT on this forum haha. But around my kid i dont swear at all, all conversations need to be honest and ppint towards positive directions. I dont drink around kids. I dont want people smoking around kids etc.

Although i find the early trailer park boys fucking hillarious. As with south park, rick and morty etc. But cannot picture a scenario a good parent would let their 6 year warch any of those! We can take their points, and a parents filter them into a polite lesson. Because no one can deny shows like south park dontbhave very deep and real meaning to them. And as kids grow and mature, so can the depth of the conversations.

As for school. The true utility of such a for social bonding and opening their minds. I view hem seeing.that as a good thing so long as the kids at home have a solid family that can talk things out in a mature and compassionate manner.

I wont come eye to eye withyou on your swearing.and.your wife being displeased. But i totally get the kid aspect, and i respect your level of care. Bu i have seen myself and family, go kver the top in protecting. It almost becomes cult like. I see it a lot with home.schooling.groups. so.i try to stay away from being too oppressive in what the kids see. It doesnt help to hide them from reality.

Dont.need to.answer, but if i may ask…i s uspect you are probably christian? The oppression of kids exploration is quite invasive in many religious groups. Regardless of belief systems ( i am not religious) i think it is paramount to lay off the brainwash and lay on the "i support you when fall, but youre going to fall). To each their own, but i think we all are hoping to prepare our kids the best we can for the world ahead. And this, more often than not, means putting our ego and ways of life in the passenger seat.

Keep trying to think where we know each other…did we meet at the park in pingdong city letting our kids play together? You were into wood working?

I absolutely agree. Tv is trash, that shit should n ot be given to kids!

Any teacher can pick out kids that grew up on tv vs the ones that read books and played in the forest. Night and day cognitive abilities.

If i were to all over again, move as far away from grandparents and family as possible and let kids learn.properly rather than tv, sugar and fireworks everytime…seriously, if we are talking trailer park boys…chinese new year yall.

Because birds have peckers.

I would be fine if my kids would ask for a specific documentary or movie. Just let them watch to kill time … definetly not.
But so far they did not ask me (yet).

I grew up on TV and I turned out perfectly fine.

I think the look on my mum’s face is joy when I tell her I am a Forumosa mod.

I dunno. Facial expressions aren’t my strong suit.

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By George, I think that’s it. Numerous asian languages have birds for the male member, I’ve looked it up.

English, yeah. I’m not sure about other western languages.
So some ancient man looked at a bird foraging for food and probably saw some attractive female, became aroused and thought of pecking…

Too weird … But why the universal analogy…

Too short?

That’s friggin’ discriminating.

Yes. It’s an analogy to the coocoo bird clock.