BAGELS (real, not the ersatz spongy things)

Okay, godammit I will buy some ice cream. :laughing:

We were there yesterday and unless the 248 half has moved it was very, very small. One guy with some pumpkins, and one with soy milk and dohua. There were also people with cookies and fruit-ice popsicles, but I suppose they don’t count.

Thanks for all the responses! I’m definitely going to check out Magic Bagel and Good Cho’s. To those of you who have never had a bagel while visiting New York, I encourage you to do so on your next visit to the Big Apple! Also get some Brooklyn pizza and, if you’re really going for it, an Egg Cream (beverage - BTW, it has no egg in it, or cream). There’s also the famous NY delicatessens, but IMHO they have become somewhat touristy in recent years and you have to line up to get a sandwich (“No soup for you!”). But if you like pastrami, it’s worth the wait. BTW, I’m not Jewish but you can’t grow up in the suburbs of New York without encountering the culture, food, and Yiddish! My heritage is Norwegian, so Lox is my 1st choice on a bagel, followed by whitefish, and (if they have it), Schmeer. Oy!

You are not going to find real bagels in Taiwan. Even if you could get the right flour and water, they would be too chewy for Taiwanese tastes plus the Taiwanese prefer ‘bread’ that you can eat without putting anything on it.

The topic of bagels in Taiwan has interested me for a while. The decent ones that I’ve seen (such as the ones sold at Shih’s Bagels, which may or may not still be around) seem to cost around NT$60 iirc. This is the price of a cheapish meal for my students–and it is about four times more than some really excellent northern Chinese breads (shuijianbao and the like) you can find scattered around in Taipei. While the bread scene here has improved markedly since I arrived in 2003, I suspect that NT$60 bagels just can’t catch on because there are arguably similar and better tasting options for a quarter the cost. The bagel options that have stuck around have predictably taken a cost-down approach with predictable results. Buyer beware!


Shih’s Bagels is gone - or at least the branch near Gongguan MRT station is gone, and that’s the only one I knew of. They were my second choice after Magic Bagel.

I really wish I could adapt enough to enjoy what you call “excellent northern Chinese breads” - I’m sure they’re good, but I’ve never come around to particularly enjoying them.

Shih’s bagels are pretty good by Taiwan standards and edible by mine, but the OP is not going to think these are even close to his(?) standard.

It looks like you can still by Shih’s bagels online for home delivery: Sorry, nothing in English. But what’s the point? Just get used to living without real bagels. Like Mexican food, bagels are inevitably a huge disappointment in Taiwan.

I’ve never fully come around to bagels even if they are smeared with a thick layer of salmon flavored sour cream… (and people stand in a line to pay 7 bucks for one)

but to my horror the Taiwanese spongy version is even worse… and they charge just as much

Yes, I’m a “he”. I’ve been visiting Taiwan for about 30 years and just made the permanent move this past May. Thanks again for all the responses - I’m headed to Magic Bagel as soon as possible! BTW, I really love two coffee chains in Taipei - Cama and Julius Meinl. Cama does their own roasting, and Julius Meinl is imported from Austria, with a very rich (but not bitter) quality, almost like hot chocolate. All the others (Dante, IS, Barista, etc…) I’ve tried are OK but unremarkable.

Of course they are unremarkable. Other than CAMA, and a couple other of those South American style trading post shops, you need to go for a individual cafe. There are dozens around the city now serving single origin or very quality coffee.

Oh god. Now I feel bad. Don’t expect too much - they’re my favourite bagels in Taiwan, but that’s not saying a great deal.

[quote=“Hokwongwei”]Could I get a Chinese name for Good Cho’s? I’ve never heard of it.

I’m an LA Jew, so I like to think I know something about bagels (although it would be more impressive if I were from New York). The best bagel I’ve had in Taiwan was probably Magic Bagel – most of the way there, if still not perfect. There’s one on Shi-Da Rd. right in front of NTNU, and last I checked there were a couple others lying around Taipei, although I’m not sure if those are still around.[/quote]

so does that make you a Western Bagel or Sam’s guy? Or a place closer to the Fairfax area?

Western Bagel is like the McDonald’s of bagels. I’d eat it only if there were no other options.

My favorite bagel place is near my house in the Valley, owned by a couple from the Philippines. Go figure.

Minor update: it looks like Magic Bagel is now closed, or at least it’s not where it used to be. There’s a different bakery at that location now - as I write, that bakery is apparently closed for Shida summer vacation, but its signage doesn’t seem to promote bagels.

I have the contact of the laobanniang, if anyone wants to give her a buzz and ask. I’m kind of too lazy to do it myself.

where to find bagels in 2019?

other than costco, i don’t go there.

i’ve found some in carrefor, 35nt for 3. not bad but its pretty random if they have them or not in my local one.

Wish I could help, but … Costco? They’re the best “normal” bagels I’ve had here in recent years. Definitely preferable to the Carrefour ones, which aren’t disastrous, but to me seem like slightly chewy white bread in bagel shape. I haven’t seen a local place I liked as much as Magic Bagel in many years.

There’s a bagel place in Maji Square, beside Yuanshan Station. Tasty enough bread and interesting flavors. May be worth a shot. There’s also a small bagel stand somewhere in the Xinyi Mitsukoshis - sort of next to the Mia Cucina (far end of the same floor and building as Gordon Biersch). Like the Muji Square one, this stand has decent bread but localized flavors. Do bagels in North America have the cubes of cheese embedded in the baked bread? Maybe, but it’s something I’ve only seen here.

It looks like the Good Cho’s place described above is still around, but I haven’t tried it.

That’s Miopane. They have another store in Tianmu and one in the back of the Taipei Station Mitsukoshi 1F. It’s actually not so bad as bread goes, they have plain bagels.

Bagels in NA do NOT have cubes of cheese (or clusters of peanut butter or lemon grass or whatever) embedded in them.

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I think Florida Bakery is the king of bagel right now. At least it was dense and hard. They had plain and blueberry, and not 832 flavors like barkberry with rat meat pate filling or whatever the :circus_tent: