Bagram Afghanistan

Even as the young Afghan man was dying before them, his American jailers continued to torment him.

That’s a quote from the article in The New York Times from May 20. Hope this works as a link.

It is unfortunately becoming more and more obvious that the bush administration deliberately orchestrated a pattern of abuse against, quite frequently, innocent people.

The muslim world will be using this to justify it’s hatred of the west for years to come.

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Quote - The administration has prevented any serious investigation of policy makers at the White House, the Justice Department and the Pentagon by orchestrating official probes so that none could come even close to the central question of how the prison policies were formulated and how they led to the abuses …the tragic impact of the initial decision by Mr. Bush and his top advisers that they were not going to follow the Geneva Conventions, or indeed American law, for prisoners taken in antiterrorist operations.

The series details the killing of two Afghan prisoners at the Bagram prison camp, one of them an innocent taxi driver who was tormented to death by American soldiers. The investigative file on Bagram, obtained by The Times, showed that the mistreatment of prisoners was routine: shackling them to the ceilings of their cells, depriving them of sleep, kicking and hitting them, sexually humiliating them and threatening them with guard dogs - the very same behavior later repeated in Iraq. This pattern should not surprise anyone by now. The same general who organized the harsh interrogation techniques at Guant

I think president Bushs is becoming more and more mature. In his early presidency days, he made plans for a Netherland invasion (because the internation court dispute).

Then his administration stuck broomsticks in the rears of muslims (didn