Bai Chiang Li

Today I went to get a nice cold milk tea from the cafeteria and the friendly ladies asked me if I wanted to have some of this Bai Chiang Li stuff. Since I was not sure what I would get, I said I would try it tomorrow, and wanted to ask some people beforehand. Since my Taiwanese colleagues are not a great help, I thought I ask you guys.

So, if I understood correctly this stuff is called: “Bai Chiang Li” or something like it. It was offered to me at a store that sells teas, fruit juices, taiwanese shaved ice dessert etc. That narrows it down to some sort of fruity refreshment. Anybody knows what those ladies were talking about?

Could they possibly be asking you about Passionfruit Green Tea? Bai Shang Lu Cha? Just a guess.

I think so, that’s probably it. They also mentioned something about Green Tea while they showed me their product. It was a glass container with some orange jelly stuff in it. And I remember seeing dark seeds.

Great, thanks, it is amazing, I asked my Taiwanese colleagues, they had no clue, but I write some wrong ping yin here on, and I get my answer. Thanks to the internet god, and to you greeneeyedgrrl. :bravo: :bravo: :notworthy: :notworthy: :bravo: :bravo: :notworthy: :notworthy: