Baird Beer Taiwan Launch Party presented by Mayan Xinyi and Tap-A Productions

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This month we have a special treat for our monthly beer tasting. Baird Beer, one of Japan’s top craft brewers, will be launching its brand in Taiwan on August 9th at the MAYAN American Bar & Bistro!

Whether you’re already a huge fan, or you’ve never heard of Baird Beers, you’re in for a real treat this month! Brew master Bryan Baird is “dedicated to the crafting of beer that bursts with flavor and character,” and we’ll get the chance to try a wide variety of these uncompromising brews. As always, we’ll be sampling six brews, this time of varying styles including a lager, IPA, wit, amber ale, stout, and a special seasonal golden summer ale, and there will also be TWO SPECIAL BREWS ON TAP!

While the event is open to all, the beer tasting sets will be limited to those who RSVP in advance (02) 8789-6292 AND arrive before 7:30. To be clear, if you get a reservation, but do not arrive on or before 7:30, your set and seat will be given away to walk-ins lined up outside the MAYAN. So for those enthusiastic beer lovers who cannot get a reservation, come down, get in line, and cross your fingers! Thanks to our sponsors, Baird Beer and Tap-A Productions, the beer sampler set will include a special appetizer sampling of some of MAYAN’s great finger foods!

Following the launch, Mayan will feature two taps of Baird Beer available anytime we’re open!

Keep posted for more information as the Launch Party nears!

MAYAN這次八月的beer tasting會與日本Baird Beer手工啤酒brewery首次來台的launch派對一起舉辦! 無論是熱愛Baird Beer的客人們或是平常beer tasting的熟客啦~ 絕對不能夠錯過這次的活動ㄛ! Brew師傅Bryan Baird當天也會出席, 是beer lovers and beer geeks不可不來的party!
這次一樣會提供六種brews, lager, IPA, wit, amber ale, stout, 還有非常獨特的seasonal golden summer ale! 當天還另外有2種special brew提供tap! 根本已經沒有理由不來!
Reservations請撥(02) 8789-6292, 並且務必要在7:30前(準時ㄛ!)來店裡. 不然我們只好把你的寶貴位置讓給排在MAYAN門外的幸運人ㄦ! 還再等什麼呢~ Call NOW!!!