Balcony / Patio Furniture

Looking for some furniture for our balcony / patio. Probably looking for a folding chaise and a pair of bar stools/bar table like setup. Not sure where to find these here in Taipei.

My earlier unit was on the 22d floor with a fantastic view. I wanted the same thing. I asked a Taiwanese friend who knew a guy, etc. He showed up and installed a fold up 18 inch wide by 4 foot long bar on the edge of my 4 foot wide balcony. I went to a nearby office furniture store and got 2 bar stools that had adjustable height. Then I went to Banciao flower market and bought some “clamp on” flower baskets and inserts that allowed me to plant some really amazing poseys. Know, I could sit on the balcony, sipping a cold one (read 12) and enjoying the view. These fold up type brackets can be found at most harware stores. Go take a look. Next go to a wood store, just look around, they are numerous. Tell them or use measurements to tell them what you want. Buy a spray can of urethane and install. Damn easy and a good Saturday project. Get off to the furniture store and look at their stools (no pun intended) catalog. You will find at least three different heights so be prepared for a decision. They will deliver at no extra charge, especially if you are close.
Now go to (EDIT: B&Q - NOT as written as B&G) and look at outdoor lounges. I had enough room but it would have been cramped so I passed. Anyway; my best suggestions.

Thanks! I’ll give that a try. Did your setup hold up well during a typhoon…or just be careful to bring it back inside before extended trips, etc.?

I always set the clamp on flower baskets and inserts back onto the deck during a phoon but left the table in place, but folded down. It was well secured but the flower baskets just slid over the the width of the wall and were outside the confines of the balcony so a much larger danger of falling onto the scooters far below.


Homebox, Ikea, Working House…

BlankOrangeSpace (the artist formerly known as B&Q)

They don’t have an English website here in Taiwan, but the “shop formerly known as B&Q” is a good place for garden/balcony furniture. They also have a good garden section.