Bali bombers - how to execute them?

There was a thread a while back about a British Muslim woman whose dead body had been desecrated with rashers of streaky bacon that caused quite an outrage on the board.

Ideally, I’d like the convicted Bali bombers to be drowned a vat of pig blood. I’m not sure how it works, but could they still be martyrs to the cause if they were executed this way? Or have they been defiled beyond any redemption?

I think there are going to be reprisal bombings whichever way they are killed (even if they’re not), so zen me ban?

Dish best served cold and all that . . .

Leave the bastard to stew in prison. Knocking him off and desecrating his corpse will just fire up an already heated issue. I see relatives of UK victims are attempting to have the death sentence overturned for much the same reason.


I know, it IS just spiteful, but it was an Aussie in today’s Guardian who suggested shooting him with a gun dipped in pig blood that got me thinking.

I don’t think these “you’ll just add fuel to the fire” arguments really wash when there are already so many dead. Extremists have declared a war; would the fact that they might be “desecrated” make a Muslim think twice, as oppposed to the fact that the death penalty in certain places doesn’t prevent crime? Would their religious fanaticism actually make it work? Do they still get their eleven virgins in heaven, or whatever it is?

Simply turn the bastards over to the Balinese… :smiling_imp:

Apparently, the “instant barring from paradise” might not be “true”:,2933,90628,00.html

So why the fuss over the British woman? Not that it wasn’t disgusting anyway, without any religious connotations. I’ll skim the Koran over lunch and get back :wink:

Nice idea Blue face . . . but then what? The Javanese form a human land bridge and trounce our favourite holiday destination?

As for the gist, I don’t think desecrating corpses works, simple enough. Wasn’t it the Russians wrapping the corpses of Chechens in bacon and pig skins? Doesn’t seem to have helped their cause a whole lot.

I seem to recall the US had some idea of exposing and/or disfiguring bodies of the VC for much the same reason. Didn’t help there either.

Targetting punishments at their religious beliefs is in effect confirming their idea that the west is in conflict with their values and that there is no room for the existence of both their world view and the west’s.


Just throw him in a stinkin hellhole jail. Execution, what’s the point in that.

How do you think Balinese handle Javanese thieves right now? A couple of years ago when I was living in Penestanan, a couple of Javanese on a scooter snatched a Japanese girl’s purse. A transport driver chased them from Ubud and ran them down past the Neka Museum. Literally ran them down. Farmers came of the rice paddies and they chopped them up and tossed the remains in the ditch. The police do nothing because they approve. Outside of Kuta and Denpasar, Muslims maintain a very low profile. A land bridge? During elections and various social upheavals in Indonesia, the ferry from Java has always been canceled.

BTW, if you’ve been keeping up with the Indonesian news reports, one of the reasons the trials were held in Bali and in public was to keep the Balinese calm. They have a reputation for being gentle, peaceful people but the Balinese have traditionally been some of the most violent, bloodthirsty people in Indonesia. A high percentage of their Special Forces (KOPASSUS) troops are Balinese.

Yes it is one of those weird aspects of Bali that things can get very ugly very swiftly. The Balinese took up the so called “anti-commie” (mostly anti-Chinese) thng with an absolute vengeance on “Bung” Karno’s ousting.

As for jailing the bastards I can’t imagine an Indonesian jail being much fun. Perhaps they should isolate these bastards from the everyday crims to make sure they don’t spread their madness … . or merging with Blue Faces proposal, toss them into a cell full of Balinese.

As an aside, didn’t Megawati scrap the death penalty when she came to power?


Because it won’t be a hellhole jail. He’ll be treated as a hero. Ever hear of Tommy Suharto??? He’s not being treated so poorly.

You are right, of course. But if I were a family member of a dead traveler I wouldn’t care about that. Reason SHOULD triumph over passion in a “civilised” world, but these things tend to tap into a primal desire for revenge. I’d gladly throttle him with my bare hands and I don’t know anyone who was killed. What about a traditional Islamic punishment, such as stoning or cutting off his hands? Would that be better?

I don’t understand. These Muslims were trying to kill Americans. So they screwed up; what’s the big deal? Shouldn’t there be talk of a minor but attractive medal for them??

Oh. Right. “Nevermind.”

Perhaps the “pig’s blood” is a myth, but the media seems to have no problem with apologizing over and over for how such terrorists are misinterpreting the Religion of Peace and how “jihad” is really an internal struggle which isn’t meant to be violent. Well, what’s the harm in offsetting one myth with another? If it offends them, perhaps that is a good thing. It certainly can’t do any harm – what, they’re going to fly FIVE airplanes into office buildings next time?

Turn about is fair play. Bomb him back.



I understand the need some feel for retribution but then what’s that great term about the best revenge being to live well . . or something. The perpertrators of the Bali bombing are deluded nutters and should be treated as such. In fact, why not put the bastards in a psychiatric hospital and dope the suckers up?


[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]Magnolia.

I understand the need some feel for retribution but then what’s that great term about the best revenge being to live well . . or something. The perpertrators of the Bali bombing are deluded nutters and should be treated as such. In fact, why not put the bastards in a psychiatric hospital and dope the suckers up?


You think they’re nuts. I think they’re nuts. Do the majority of Indonesians think they’re nuts? No. They think they are warriors fighting for Islam. Do you remember Vice President Hamzah Haz (who is a nut) visiting Jafar Umar Thalib (head of the Laskar Jihad) and calling him his “brother in Islam”? If you’ve spent anytime in Java or Sumatra in the past couple of years you’d know things are not very good for non-muslims there.

I’d singe their pubic hair with a bunson burner before bring out the nut crackers.

Before the execution would come the torture

  1. Let them clench the hands into a fist and put the hands on the ground knucles up, and then drive the same model vehicle that was used to carry the bomb in Bali, over their hands repeatledly :smiling_imp:

  2. Cut them all over their body with razor blades and then dip them in a bath of salt

  3. Open their mouth and force a good feed of sausages, black pudding and rashers down their thoat

  4. Let them share a prison cell with a prisoner who is looking for a new punk.

  5. Stick a pipe up their ass and open the valve and let the compressed air out… about 30 PSI should do

  6. Sand blast their face :smiling_imp:

  7. Make their prison a Taiwanese toilet, inclusive of the poo basket, and guess what they can eat if they are hungry?!!!

I’ve always imagined that being suspended from a meathook through the tongue would be rather unpleasant.

Or, bring back crucifixion.

life imprisonment.

martyring them is what they want. a lifetime of humiliation and captivity is not.

I think before another other kind of punishment, they should be allowed to be my Uke in Aikido…full speed of course. :smiling_imp: