Bali News

First thing this morning i went to the China Post & TT websites for news on the tourists from Taiwan involved in the Bali incident. There was no update at all (please correct me if i’m wrong). Last i heard there were several people missing from Taiwan, both expats and locals, today nothing. Yesterday i saw the a picture on the local TV of one of the bartenders from Saints and Sinners which seemed to be saying that she was among the missing. I can’t claim to be a friend of hers but she’d served me one or two G&T’s and it would be nice to hear that she’s okay!

There is an update on the TT website today. The baboons football club was involved.

Yes, thanks. I eventually found some news in the article regarding travel agents and group bookings. Sadly, there was no new info (tho i understand that it must be very difficult to get accurate info at the mo’). I was just very disappointed that there’s these people missing and neither paper thinks that it warrents a story of its own.

Baboons rugby club …They were in the bar at the time… some are still missing including the manager(?) of Saints and Sinners.

Terrible terrible!!!

Who from S&S is missing???

My sister was there; apparently she’s okay :frowning:

I can’t contact her though…

Some twat gets his ear licked and it’s all over the news for days; five(?) people missing…not a sausage! Littleiron, i think it was Eve, the manager from S&S.

Mark, was that the woman who replaced the toothed tinkerbell?

Yes, often wore very distinctive eye make-up.

Was she the slightly older one who wore chinese tops?

I’ve just seen a guy I used to work with on the news. Doesn’t look to be in great shape, but he’s alive.

For anyone interested here’s a pic of the blast radius (not a real pic) and here’s the most resent article I found through google. I hadn’t heard anything about this until just now and there a probably others who have not as well. The TT article didn’t say much.

quite a lot of info first hand and otherwise to be waded through here