Baling Wire

could someone please give me the chinese for this? I’ve wasted some time today looking for some, and would like to get tomorrrow :slight_smile:.

please ignore the carrots, and no this is not me.

I doubt there’s a specific word for it, since hay bales and baling aren’t really a part of local culture. Why not just go with wire? (金屬絲) Jīnshǔ sī

Most 10$ shops carry wire. I normally buy there.

Yeah, it’s not going to say ‘baling’ in Chinese. If you want steel wire, go with 鐵絲 tie3si1 I think. Jin1shu3 si1 金屬絲 is presumably any metal wire. Stainless is bu2xiu4gang1si1 不鏽鋼絲.

Thanks guys - it was noon, hot, I got frustrated. Will try again (properly) tomorrow.