Bamboo in Taiwan

Really Random question but does anybody know anything about the bamboo industry in Taiwan? If you could suggest, recommend or put me in touch with any suppliers, producers or people/company’s that manufacture goods from bamboo that would be much appreciated! Right now I know and have nothing so no info is trivial as it could be the the first step in the right direction…Thanks

Try Bamboola? They are located in Zhushan (Bamboo Mountain…) in Nantou County.

What about in Taipei? I kinda don’t have the time to get to nantou…

most bamboos are harvested in Hsinchu, Miaoli, Nantou and Jiayi county. Usually they do first step processing about 1 hour away from the site.

A quick search still yields some results though.

There are 3 places that at least used to sell bamboos:

Mr. Zhang (張先生)

TEL: 02 2285 1532

There’s a non Taipei store that will deliver for you

Mr Wu (吳萬傳)
TEL: 0935061426
Delivery Guy also Mr. Wu (吳政展)

I did not verify what I found online…

What angle are you coming at it, what do you want to sell and where, PM me. I

If I’m working with bamboo to build a shelter or platform, is there a certain species I should be using?
I still see bamboo scaffolding around here on smaller buildings. Maybe that’s what I need.

Not sure if I should be sourcing locally (Hualien) or travelling to Nantou.

Also, anyone know how long untreated bamboo takes to rot, thinking dry (Taidong) vs wet (Hualien mountain) climate.