Banana Boy faces disorderly conduct charges

God I miss the sticks.

[quote]Banana Boy faces disorderly conduct charges

Pair taping cable TV show charged with crime

Mark Mulholland North Country - Saratoga News Chief

A 20 year old filmmaker and one of his partners were in court today answering charges of disorderly conduct. Christopher Phelps, who goes by the name Banana Boy on his cable TV program, was charged with the crime. Phelps and Luke Van Scoy were staging a scene for a program called RAVACON that airs on TV 8 in Glens Falls. Banana Boy is a comedic super hero who fights villains. Van Scoy played the part of the villain.

On Thursday, while taping their show, Van Scoy was using a fake knife to attack Phelps, dressed in a yellow banana costume. The scene, as outlined, called for Banana Boy to defeat the criminal. However, in the middle of the scene, which was staged on Main Street in Hudson Falls, a Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy, driving by, believed he was witnessing a real life crime. The deputy stopped his car, drew his service revolver, and ordered Van Scoy to drop the knife and also ordered both Van Scoy and Phelps to lie face first, on the ground.

Superhero or not, Phelps says the experience was the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to him. Phelps says it also isn’t easy to lie face first on the ground while wearing a banana suit.

Both men were handcuffed and brought up on charges, which will likely be dropped. Phelps points out that his character is a “good guy, not a bad guy.”[/quote]

When you said Banana Boy, I thought you meant someone from Durban, South Africa. They’re also referred to as Banana Boys :banana: due to the massive amounts of banana trees in that province. :smiley:

“If that was justice, then I’m a banana” - Ian Hislop

“Never bring a banana to a gunfight.”

“When bananas are outlawed, only outlaws will have bananas.”

Yes, we have no bananas.

We have no bananas today.


Yeah, my home area (upstate NY) makes the international scene once more.

That sheriff’s deputy is going to be mocked regularly for the remainder of his natural life. If you can’t figure out that a fight involving a guy in a large banana suit, being filmed by folks with cameras, is not the real thing – especially in that neck of the woods – well… :noway:

[quote]HUDSON FALLS, Dec. 20
By MARK MULHOLLAND Saratoga-North Country News Chief

There was a successful appeal Tuesday for “Banana Boy,” the young man who plays a banana-clad crime fighter on a Glens Falls TV show.

Last week, Banana Boy and two colleagues pled guilty to disorderly conduct for staging a made-for-TV knife fight in Hudson Falls earlier this month. A passing police officer witnessed the skit, thought it was a real fight, and drew his gun.

Tuesday the three appeared in court with and the judge allowed them to withdraw their guilty plea. They were ordered to write an essay about their actions, instead of paying a $100 fine and performing 40 hours of community service.[/quote]

“As I lay there in my own fecal matter, the err of my ways became clear…”

:bravo: The system WORKS!! :notworthy:

Never send a boy to do a man’s job.

What is/are Bananaman’s super powers?

I wonder if he can do the splits.

banana boy is a runofthemill crimefighter. Banana Man?? Master of desire??

Just in case that was actually a semi-serious question… :slight_smile:

It was a cartoon voiced by The Goodies. I have vague memories of watching it, like, 20 years ago.

Heard the kid interviewed on “As It Happens” tonight (a CBC radio show here in Canada). He was painful to listen to.

“So I was like, and like, we were like, so that, like…”

My sense is that the general level of self-expression in the North American middle class has deteriorated to the point that a well-spoken person stands out simply for stringing sentences together in a coherent fashion. And the pleasure of hearing someone speak like, say, Christopher Hitchens, is that much more piquant because of how very rare the occasion is.

Off-topic: I spend hours and hours each day on my computer at home without speaking to other people much at all. Which is cool, as I got sick of hearing my own voice when I was teaching ESL in Taiwan, but now and then when I do find myself in a conversation with someone I seem to get stuck on words that refuse to make the connecting trip from one memory synapse to the other. I stumble in mid-sentence as I search for the word or term (“phoneme,” “fluidized bed reactor,” “grommet”), the person I’m speaking with helpfully makes a few suggestions, and then finally we move on to the next topic, I frustrated that I hadn’t been able to express my idea or point the way I’d wanted.

Is it early onset dementia? Can’t tell, but I do know that I live and die with, both professionally and in my private life. And the thesaurus feature at is a lifesaver as well, especially when I’m translating Chinese texts in which the same term appears about 700 times, as Chinese writers are wont to do.

banana boy is a runofthemill crimefighter. Banana Man?? Master of desire??[/quote]

I really didn’t know about this Banana Man hero. I had a few ideas of what his superpowers might be but none of them were appropriate for a kids’ show. :blush: … 4918.shtml
“Not as good as Dangermouse, but a whole lot better, heaps better than Super Ted.” So if Dangermouse had a fight with Bananaman, our own Dangermouse would win, no surprises there. And Super Ted is a complete wimp.

The American way of losing face–Charge 'em with a crime. That’ll teach 'em.

That cop did society a service. He served and protected more young children from having their mind infiltrated by bad TV. He also stopped two creative youths from doing something other than stupid stuff.

:noway: :noway:

He should a-peel.

Sorry. :laughing:

[quote=“Comrade Stalin”]He should a-peel.

Sorry. :laughing:[/quote]

:bravo: :notworthy: :bravo:

Where is “Mark Mulholland North Country” ?

Mulholland is a reporter in the Albany region on NY State. The “North Country” is what we call ourselves. That, and “upstaters.”

I suppose the North Country is anything North of the Catskills.