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Permission? What is this “permission” you speak of?

It’s a tad optimistic to conclude that Google has a switch that turns off tracking. Far safer to assume they track everything, but only communicate that to you if you indicate in Settings that you’re ok with being tracked.

These search engines are more careful with your search history than Bing or Google.


Search Encrypt



Is that the sound of a dragon… or a killer discodrone? :astonished:

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Either put your earplugs in asap or prepare to boogie, LIA. :man_dancing:


Haven’t really checked this yet, but I will share it here:


I have finally watched the video and this shit is ridiculous and scary. Not clear if it’s actually Google, or Chrome, or even Cortana, but we have to put an end to this shit.

The funny thing about Cortana and Windows in general is that you can tweak (force!) some “features” to stop annoying and controlling you… but then magically after one or several “Windows updates”, then the default crappy/creepy settings are back.

It makes me feel like to go back to Linux… but I have too much stuff in my laptop, and I kinda like Windows 10 (if we forget about these annoying things).

EDIT: TBH I don’t know if this is fake. I’m assuming it is not because otherwise I’d have expected to see it debunked somewhere… but it could be fake.


I thought it was Durin’s Bane…