Bands, Singers, and Musicians Needed


I am an American permanent resident in Taipei. I am a guitarist looking for either a small group or a bass player. I write experimental/jazz rock/progressive original music, and would be happy with just a duo with bass, no vocals. I have played in bands in Taipei, but have nothing right now. I recently performed at Revolver pub and got a good response to my original music. Reach me here or at

I can now add three videos of my music I have made. In “Portrait of Cathy” I am playing acoustic guitar, my Takamine, in the other two electric, my Fender Telecaster. The songs indicate the style that I play, and all are original songs. The song “Red Sky Over Japan” particularly indicates my experimental guitar technique.

“Red Sky Over Japan”:
"Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow":
"Portrait of Cathy":


I’m located in Changhua (near Taichung), I’m a female singer (pretty much anything), and I’m desperate to find someone to jam with. I’d also be interested in doing local theater, if anyone knows anything about it. I’m pretty much just looking for a music community to associate with. Please reply to this thread, or PM me if you know anything/have any tips/or just wanna talk music.



Hmm, so it seems I’m the first person to post on here in awhile. Well, I’ll give it a go anyways. I’m trying to find people interested in playing atmospheric black metal along the lines of Wolves in the Throne Room, Addaura, Alda, etc. I play the drums, and was in a band called Mary Shelley in Portland, Oregon.
You can check it out here: … ylz5ZFIgg= … ylz5ZFIgg=

If at all interested, get in touch. Also, while I am most interested in finding other metal musicians, I’d be down to explore other musical ventures.


Hi All, I play drums and I’m into Black Music (Funk,Soul, R&B, Hip Hop etc.). I’m looking forward to meet musicians who share the same taste in music. I’m not a professional drummer but also no beginner …don’t hestitate to get in touch with so we can check what’s possible :slight_smile:
And don’t worry about any language barrier…Music is international!


Hey guys, I’m a guitarist and I like a LOT of music. Anything from Metal/Post-hardcore to Dubstep to Jazz and Hard Rock. I’m pretty versatile unless it’s Jazz music, which I’m still a long ways away from learning. … ature=mhee

That’s my YouTube channel. Not a lot of guitar videos, because I’m really into post-hardcore or alternative (Circa Survive stuff), but if anyone wants to just jam for fun message me :smiley: I’m currently in Taipei, near Wanlong station. I just need people to play music with! Playing with yourself isn’t really that fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Musicians UNITE!! :smiley:


Hi. I’m a guitarist/bass player/vocalist living nr Taipei who is interested in the following:

  1. Open Mic Nights
  2. Acoustic covers solo/duo/small band (guitar/vox)
  3. Electric covers with a band (bass)
  4. Writing/performing originals either acoustic or electric
  5. Checking out local bands (pref originals)

Anyone who is open to any of the above or who has info on open-mic nights (I heard of one at Bobwundayes?) please let me know. I only have an electro-acoustic guitar with me in Taipei but would not be adverse to buying equipment for the right gig. I’ve played a variety of music in my time but mostly rock, blues and country/americana (list of stuff I like below)


The youtube clip is an old band in London where I played bass.

Bands/artists I like (just to give you an idea):

Tom Waits, Guns and Roses, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Nina Simone, Bo Diddly, Beatles, Stones, Fallout Boy, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Aretha Franklin, Stax Soul, Skynyrd, Dr John, 80s/90s hip-hop, Stereo MCs, Portishead, Massive Attack, Aerosmith (early stuff), Free, John Martyn, Nick Drake, etc etc.


Nice living room.

I can’t quite place which song the opening bass lines remind me of.

Edit: Yeah - opening bass lines for The Pot by Tool, except much, much slower.


[quote=“pungnan”]Hi. I’m a guitarist/bass player/vocalist living nr Taipei who is interested in the following:

  1. Open Mic Nights

There is an accoustic show on the first thursday of every month at a bar called “Revolver” on Roosevelt near CKS station. Its not quite open mic but if you show up about 9pm and ask the management nicely they will likely let you get into the rotation if there arent too many players.

The next one is this thursday

Edit: There is also a regular open mic every monday at Riverside Cafe (also on Roosevelt) but its not run as well as Revolver and the crowd is much smaller


Cheers for the responses. Will check out those nights.

Re the song and Living room not sure I’ve ever listened to Tool but you may be right. The living room was in a semi-derelict house being used to film a TV series and our cameraman got us in there through his connections to do the video. Was quite an interesting experience but you had to be careful where you walked.

By the way, luuuurve peep show.



Yeah, forgot to mention that the video was rather well produced.
Lo Pan is right: Revolver is a good place to head to get to know some underground bands and the people in the circuit, and they will let you on usually.


Hey guys, I’m new here :slight_smile:
If any of you guys are looking for sessionists, I can play electric/acoustic/bass guitar, piano/keyboard, pop/punk drums and double bass.
Will be free for the rest of the summer vacation.
If you guys are wondering about my experience in these instruments, i played all of them , except drums, for more than 5 years.
Thanks in advance


This thread seems to be geared towards bands, but is there any chance there are any classical musicians out there that want to do something? I play piano, and it’s be great to find some strings so we could work on a duo or trio or something. Cheers


alright, i’ve been lurking for a while now. going back to taiwan at the end of august. I’m a singer (tenor) and am always looking for pianists to collaborate with. Let’s classy up this joint with some art songs and arias. Also, if you can get a hold of a harpsichord (or keyboard with a decent harpsichord sound) we can do some early/baroque stuff since i play recorders too.


If it ain’t baroque, don’t fix it…



alright, I’ve been lurking for a while now. going back to Taiwan at the end of august. I’m a singer (tenor) and am always looking for pianists to collaborate with. Let’s classy up this joint with some art songs and arias. Also, if you can get a hold of a harpsichord (or keyboard with a decent harpsichord sound) we can do some early/baroque stuff since i play recorders too.[/quote]

Sounds great, I’m arriving in early September, so the timing works out. Would you like to PM me some of the pieces you’re interested in working on so I can take a look at them beforehand? I have to warn you, I’ve only done instrumental chamber music in the past, so there might be a bit of a learning curve with vocal stuff.


Hey’ what’s up guys? My name is chase. I’ve been in Taiwan for about 2 months and was hoping to possibly find a band to jam with and see what happens. Im mainly Into rock, funk, pop type stuff. My interests range from RHCP, Hendrix, LZ, blah blah. Here are a few rough recordings from some time ago. Check it out. Feel free to hit me up.


Looks like there are lots of solid jazz musicians here looking to jam or gig … this is a great sign.

I have a question: I’ve been thinking about moving back to TW to do music full-time. Both as an artist/performer and as a producer/composer/writer. Is anyone here remotely familiar with the whole scene in TW? Are there musicians here who gig regularly enough to make it a stable thing? Do venues hired in-house performers / regulars? Are there any management companies or agencies who are looking for new acts to manage at the moment? I was also thinking, since things seem to be pretty limited to Taipei, are there a few bands that just dominate and book all the shows? (including, rock, pop, jazz, etc.)

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Here’s a little clip of me doing my arrangement of an old nursery rhyme:

Some of my songs:

my page:


I’ve been wondering if there’s a way for me to become a singer here in Taiwan…
is there a way for me to get a representative… my chinese is not that good, so I don’t think
I can compose any chinese songs, although I can sing chinese songs no problem… :slight_smile:

suggestions, recommendations or anything is fine…

I like music in general, I don’t really chose genre… but something I’ve noticed, I like ballads and rnb but slow rnb if that’s the term… to sing often… :slight_smile: I’ve done musical plays as well and technically, I love it more than anything… :slight_smile:

pm or post reply please! :slight_smile:


Hi, I’ve recently arrived in Taipei and am looking for someone to do some acoustic open mic nights with (assuming they have such a thing here!). I play acoustic guitar, I guess kind of dave matthews, del amtiri, Jason mraz style (but no doubt not as good) but I can’t sing anything more than harmonies, so I’m looking for anyone who can sing or sing and play guitar that might be interested in the Taipei area.


Hi, I’ve also just recently moved to Taipei as well and I love singing. I like all genres, but my voice suits more rnb, soul and some pop songs i.e. Alicia Keys, Adele etc. I can’t play the guitar. I’ve performed at a few weddings for friends, nothing professional. Definitely keen to perform if there are opportunities.