Bands, Singers, and Musicians Needed


Allrighght, I have a singer/guitarist, now we just need a bassist and maybe lead guitarist?


I am a singer/songwriter working with an indie label, trying very hard to break the Chinese pop idol mold. Have selected songs to go into studio to record (avoid midi as much as possible!), hence need dedicated musicians (keyboard, bass, drums, and guitar) to form a band for touring and recording. Guaranteed performance opportunities in the very near future. The music is Jewel (before she became commercial) or Frente-style.

Must be willing to practice at least once a week.

Please email me your contact information to:

Let’s change the music scene together!


You had me until I saw the part about practice! :wink:


Dear Sandman,

I fear most people don’t have that much time. How about once a week? What instrument(s) do you play?

Girl in Taiwan (Li li)


[quote=“GirlinTaiwan”]Dear Sandman,

I fear most people don’t have that much time. How about once a week? What instrument(s) do you play?

Girl in Taiwan (Li li)[/quote]
I play tenor sax, alto sax, clarinet, guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, ukulele, Irish whistle and some other stuff I can’t remember offhand. But you’re right – I really don’t have enough time to commit. Good luck to you, though!


Anyone interested in a songwriting and performance project?

My idea is to form a band where people play their main instrument but can also take turns playing different instruments within the drums/guitar/bass format to keep the sound fresh
For ex. the drummer wants to play guitar on 1-2 songs, so she and the guitarist switch instruments for those songs, etc.

I’d see this more as a short term project than a long term band thing but would still want to have regular rehearsals and songwriting sessions.

I play guitar, bass and functional drums and want to be playing mostly guitar. I can carry a tune but hope someone else can sing lead most or all the time.

I’m not really into grunge, punk, or heavy metal, rap or country

Send me a PM if you’re interested


functional on drums: i’ve been trying to find the words to describe myself on drums. functional on drums! good wording!


Can you bang a set of congos, bongos, timbales etc… with any degree of skill? If so I need you! PM me if you are intersted.


2 guitarists/vocalists writing original music (no covers) looking for serious bassist and drummer able to incorporate a range of musical styles as we develop a distinct sound–influences will include pop, rock, funk, reggae, jazz and other genres. Are you experienced at recording, performing, & publishing? We are. Looking for same, no newbies, please.
Looking for musicians who know what it takes to sound great and take it to the top.

–Rehearsals 2+ times/week
–songwriting ability a plus, open mind to other band members’ originals a must
–vocal ability a plus
–we must all click as musicians and as people
–We’re honest and diplomatic: say what you mean, do what you say, we’ll do the same
–No flakes, slackers, egomaniacs, drug addicts, you get the idea

sorry, we don’t need a singer or anything other than a bass or drums right now

send PM if interested


Rock is the best way to describe the music we are doing.

Starting from covers, and moving into originals. English songs.

We need a singer with a decent voice range and stage presence. Ability to write songs is a very big plus. Ability to ROCK OUT is a great big plus!

Band is brand new, so we want someone who is interested and willing to help shape the band from scratch.

We welcome anyone (experienced/non-experienced) to come down have some fun and try out. You can come drunk or sober, it’s your choice :slight_smile:

Contact me at or 0955 035 998.

PS. We are based in Taipei city.


I’m a double bassist looking for drummers, keyboardists and guitarists skilled in jazz, funk or hip hop. A strong sense of rhythm is a must. Contact me at:


I’ve come to Taipei as a freelance sax player in hopes of securing a contract in a major hotel or restaurant. Unfortunatly, the piano player that had planned to join me has become too busy with his own projects back in Canada. This is probably a bit of a long shot but if anyone knows of a serious guitarist or pianist that can read jazz charts and is familiar with standard jazz repertoire please reply to this post or phone me at 095-412-9053. Even if there only available for weekly or periodic gigs we can probably put something together. Thank you, Mike.


Where do all the musicians hang out? Im a singer who is coming to taiwan to teach english. I need people I can jam with sometimes. I like all types of music but my favorite is Jazz. Any 411 from anybody would help.


Hi Guys, My name is Jon, I have been here for about 3 years and helped the Salsa dance community get going and know the local club scene well. My buddy Joe is here for a few weeks and wants to play. He is a Jazz drummer considering coming out here to help make the Jazz in Taipei take off.

I also have an Acappella group called the Scooters that is always looking for singers, so give me a call, we can set up some gigs. 0939 338 616


This is great.
Best of luck to you all! :bravo:


I’m a saxophonist looking for musicians in the Taipei area to start something up. I am trying to get some musicians together to start a funk/jazz band ala Galactic, The Greyboy Allstars, Charlie Hunter etc, etc. Liikeminded musicians please give me a ring or an e mail.
I am also interested in any jams you may know of and am available for any project you may have, I just want to play with some people!

Thanks, Mac :slight_smile:


I have been in Taiwan for about 2 years and have pretty much ignored my guitar. I don’t enjoy the clubs so i have never really gone out in Taipei with the exception of a few times and one of those times it was to “vibe” so that was enough for me. I would like to find people to play some music with or if anyone could tell me where there are some open mic nights i would be thankful. I am open to just about anything. I have a B.mus with my instrument being classical guitar but the things that brought me to study seriously were delta blues, slide and standard tunig stuff, neil young, a little bit of Django and Wes … that kind of stuff. I learned howto play guitar sitting on couches drinking beer and chillin with friends and wouldn’t mind doing that agian but if if there are any formally trained musicians out there that would like to do some ensemble work or need some arranging done or something transposed I also used to work with Finale notation program a great deal in university and i have it here with me. I am not looking for money or anything i am just trying to get back into music. My original plan of coming here to prepare for a masters in music while i pay off the student loans has gone off course. I would like to rectify that. At the moment i have a steel (6)string and a nylon string but i have a a nice antique guild hollow body and big marshal amp and some other stuff i am thinking about having shipped here from Canada. Any one interested or that has info please PM me or leave reply here. Thanks


Hi, sorry for this if it’s considered a multiple thread.

I placed an ad on Taiwanted, I put them up in the music shops, and I even got it in my sig, but no one seems to be interested in making music with me… booo… looks like my sass mouth got me in trouble again.

I can tell there are 100s of musicians on this thread since everyone talks about guitars and etc. So I won’t trouble you all directly, it’s cool, you’re doing your own things, great, keep at it! But if you already make music with other musicians in Taiwan, how and where did you hook up w/ them?

Also… i’m in Taipei… I know Taichung has a kickin’ music scene but it’s a bit far for rehearsing… and my chinese skills are too poor … so anglophones would be preferred…

Thanks, forumosa, I know you can answer my questions… you always do…


Erm, have you mentioned what you play?


I can jam!

Did I mention that I prefer to play Baroque period classical flute music? :smiley: