Bands, Singers, and Musicians Needed


I can RAWK on the crummhorn.


Baroque period flute music is great, actually, i sample it frequently.

Crummhorn spot has been filled, but thanks for offering.

As some robots pointed out, I should be a little clearer about what I do.

I play synth and computer mostly… and other electronic boxes. I have an acoustic guitar but don’t use it much.

And the kind of music I make is IDM/glitch/instrumental hip hop.
Similar to Pole, Prefuse 73, Jan Jelinek, etc.

for an example, click the link in my sig.

Thanks to all for your helpful advice, and keep the crummhorn solos coming!


If you can hook me up with a flute, I could do lots of things - but mine is exactly 12 timezones away at the moment. I can also do some things with keyboard and saxophone pretty competently, and I am crappy but basic at a load of other instruments that miscellaneous band directors threw at me through the course of my education. If you’re serious about making music, let me know; I’m always looking for something to break the monotony. However, as I’m not actually in Taipei but in Sanxia, it can be a little hard to meet up with people.


dude pm me. i play bass and congas…and do some mixing/production stuff as well… im looking for people to play w. inf. r hendrix, chilis, kravitz, reggae, hip hop, funk and jamiroquai.

and i really wanna jam!

cheers, J


you could try posting an ad in English on rockacola. This is mainly a site where a lot of local bands look for a guitarist or drummer and whatnot, but a small subset must speak good english.


Hi All,

I’ll be coming to Taipei for two weeks in May (6th till 18th) together with a friend of mine. He’s a UK singer/rapper/songwriter with lots of his own material. He’s never been to Asia before and would love to find out how people in Taiwan would react to his music.

He is a decent singer and a talented free-style rapper and his styles ranges from what you could call R&B over Hip-hop to Rock and even Pop. However, most of his music can’t easiliy be pigeonholed and requires an open mind. If you want to be inspired by music you have never heard before, this is your chance!

It would be great if something, anything, could be arranged to make this happen. Any suggestions?

Samples of his music can be made available on request.




Cheers for that! :thumbsup:


Thanks for recommending this place, we were there Friday just gone and it was a good experience! The athmosphere is so friendly and we felt very welcome indeed. My friend will be performing there on Friday again.

Tonight he wil be performing at The Riverside Cafe, which we checked out last Wednesday when this all girl rockband was playing:

Taiwan is a geat place to be! :smiley:



We not only need someone who can hit the right notes, but also someone who provides opportunities for folks to get on down.

F/M black, white, yelloe, orange, pink, green

stage presence a huge plus.

0989 324 869


You might want to try posting this on the “Musicians in Taiwan” Facebook group. … 8836516534


Also, try posting this (like any want ad) in Taiwanted, on this site (it’s free, right?).


Hi, I am new to the forum and this is my first post.

I have been here 2 weeks. I came to be with my girlfriend of 5 years (she lived with me in Mi before this). She has a good job, but I only have a visitor visa. Really, I can’t teach English because I am not qualified beyond an Associates in Liberal arts. I am a musician, more specifically a guitar player.

I am an eclectic player and I only was able to bring 1 of my acoustics (Taylor Big Baby). It has a pickup in it so I suppose I could play live through a PA. Anyways, I am looking for people to jam with. Ideally, I would like to find an accomplished acoustic player to perhaps put together some instrumental music.

I have always wanted to do this even in the States, but was always unable to nail someone down with the skills I am looking for which are: The ability to play lead on acoustic on a proficient level beyond just bluesy solos. Someone who can play immediatly. Meaning someone with an ear who learns quickly, and who can improvise freely. IN other words if I started to play something this person could immediatly start complimenting it with his or her ability to improvise.

Anyways, I know what I am looking for may be far fetched even in the US. I do know some players doing this kind of eclectic music but they are already gigging with other players that they are tied to.

I am also open to join another band if I liked the music. I am new to Taipei, and I think it is a cool city. I haven’t seen much live entertainment, or many bars really. If anyone of you have any advice I would love to hear it.

I am bummed I don’t have more teaching skills for English because I would really love to be able to stay as long as I wanted in Taiwan. I know the US is tough on foriegners, and Taiwan is easy going comparedly… My girlfriend had to go through a mile of red tape just to stay with me for 6 months. I am aware that the US has to protect itself, but also I think being an American you should be able to choose who you can spend your time with. MEaning I wish our govt would let us have more power about that stuff, instead of making it dismal. I mean she could have accepted h1b but then she would have to move wherever in the country that the job was located. How does that factor into our relationship?? It doesn’t, and frankly I was pissed about it.

Anyways, enough ranting I am sure you have all heard it all…

I have included some links of my band in Michigan (Our band more appropriately), Gifthorse, as well as some of my solo acoustic stuff.

Thanks Bruce This site has my band’s music in US This one has a few of my instrumentals Unfinished Business, and Spanish bluegrass, as well as some other Gifthorse songs.

I am a ‘recovering’ shredder so I can play that style too pretty well on acoustic but I really want to mix it up with someone and play everything from some Gypsy jazz, to blues, rock, folk, maybe some bluegrass etc.

Rock on


Hey Gifthorse,
Welcome to Taiwan.

There are plenty of musicians here in Taiwan. I’m sure you’ll get to know about them soon enough.

Also, I think you can still teach English if you have any sort of university degree (I think). I’m sure someone will post more details soon.

EDIT: Oh wait, what’s an Associates exactly?


You could study Chinese at an official school which would get you a student visa enabling you to stay.


Well, studying Chinese would probably be the way I would stay at this juncture. Thanks for the advice.

Maybe in the coming weeks I will meet some new friends or people who are on my wavelength, otherwise I am going back to the US. I like elements of Taiwan but it seems in so many ways stifled for the ‘individual’ and more conducive to the wage slave who works 12 hour days-- like my gf. I told her already that the best way is to at least have your own business so you are making the money. Dunno, we will see.

As for music, does anyone play guitar who is any good in the forum? I am not saying that like I am all great or something, I would gladly take lessons from anyone who can play stuff I want to learn. I just mean, people obsessed with music/guitar.



I’m not in Taiwan any more and don’t play guitar anyway–buy you sure as hell do! Nice!


I’m fucking ACE on the forum. My guitar playing sucks ass though. I can rip it all the way UP to the TOP and back again on the ukulele, though.


[quote=“Gifthorse”]As for music, does anyone play guitar who is any good in the forum?[/quote] Started playing nearly 15 years ago but am quite out of practice & trying to get back up to speed on the 2nd-hand electric I recently bought (my tiny Roland MicroCube has an Acoustic amp modeler though!).

Mostly played rock, blues, metal, jazz & a bit of Spanish classical in the past, but like I said I’m out of practice. Can improvise fairly well to a point, but I’ve never really played acoustic stuff like yours. I was all set to reply earlier until I listened to it & figured out what you’re probably looking for (the “Unfinished Business” track is pretty sweet!). Not quite sure I’m there at this point…

If nothing else, I’d be interested in learning some of that bluegrass acoustic style & figuring out how to speed up/clean up my playing, which started out fairly technical but got jacked up by SRV & Hendrix’ messiness along the way. I have lots of free time & would also be interested in finding a band of some sort to play with here, but haven’t looked into it yet.

BTW, from what I’ve heard so far in Taipei you could probably play solo & make a killing in the local bar scene… Recent Bluesfest was the best collection of musicians so far, but they were all out in the boonies :slight_smile: (Pretty sure I have video of Sandman playing a little kid’s saxaphone … should get around to posting that at some point…).


Just listened to Unfinished Business - very nice.

I’m a crap guitarist, but I’m a good photographer, so if you want any promo photos in Taipei, let me know.