Bands, Singers, and Musicians Needed

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Ok...I guess what I really want is a real solid bass player and drummer. Hard to find. If anyone knows a couple of guys who already play together who might like to rehearse some cool stuff once every 2 weeks with the objective to perform, let me know.

By the way, I think forumosa should at a forum for "Performers/Artists".

"Arts and Entertainment" is recognized as "watchers" not "doers" of art. I do hope they (you) address this, instead of pigeonholing. It would help the arts community over all to have a category in place.


Nice work Sandman, you guys rock. I wish I was there on Sun. Sounds like you guys would be a riot to hear live. I love that style you guys have. If you ever need a guitarist let me know--not that I have experience playing that style.

Hey to Morgan, you should post some of your songs. Maybe if I like them I will play bass on them. I can play bass too if I want to. But I am not interested in playing with someone who only wants to play thier own material. If I am getting paid thats one thing, but for fun thats another.

My singer wrote alot of great songs, but we all did. Thats why we played together, cuz it was fun. Otherwise it is boring. Be open and maybe people will be into jammin with you, considering you said you can't find 'pros' who want to jam.

Rock on


I am sorry to hear that you had some negative experiences in the past.


HEH, nice.

Anyways, post some music when you get the chance.. :slight_smile:


Alright. I don't know if this is the right section for this topic. I see too many people posting about how they are looking for "professional" musicians.........Honestly.....What the fuck are you doing in Taiwan, looking for "pro" musicians. Anyway, I am not a "pro" musicians. I can play the drums, and I am looking for some people to play music with. If you want to play some music, and live in Taipei, get ahold of me. If you are looking for "Pro" musicians, ummmm don't come to Taiwan...if you want someone to play music with, get ahold of me


You talk like Barney Rubble....
There are many adept musicians in Taiwan. Some of them are more than professional at what they do.
Get a hold of the scene, Gene!



Dats da Fack, Jack!


Does anyone know if there are any websites where Taiwanese musicians commonly place ads to hook up with other like-minded musicians for their bands and projects? I'm looking for a site, probably in Chinese, that covers a larger pool of musicians than this fabulous site or over there at




I am an upright bassist and bass guitarist. I’m looking to meet some rhythm section players for both casual music making and forming a band.

genres: funk, r&b, hip hop, jazz
artists representative of what I’d like to play: James Brown, the Meters, De La Soul, Grant Green, Booker T & the MGs, Fela Kuti, Jamiroquai, Me’shell Ndeocello, Digable Planets, Sly and the Family Stone, …

The vision I have is of making very simple, soulful, groove-based music. Imagine the music of the above mentioned artists stripped down to trio format.

My experience over years of making music with others is that, much like a lull in conversation prompts us to fill the gap with idle chatter (rather than waiting until we really have something to say, or better yet, listening), we often rush to get busy and complex in our music making rather than taking the time to really listen to our fellow players, listen to the groove, and let some musical rapport develop from the ground up. When we take the time to just sit on a simple groove and listen to each other, we can make the kind of mojo connection that makes simple music really moving. The music of James Brown is a perfect example. Each player’s individual contribution is quite simple, yet it’s so well placed in the context of the group that it just kicks ass. That’s pretty much been the defining quality of my most enjoyable musical collaborations, so it makes sense to build a group with that as its main principle.

I welcome both experienced and novice players. However, an excellent sense of time and willingness to listen are essential requirements.

Contact me by phone or email if you’d like to discuss making some music:



This is a post on behalf of my dad who’s username hasn’t been activated yet, but will be “The Fenderman”, so keep a look out for that.

He is determined to get into music in Taiwan as music has been his life for the past three centuries, or thereabouts, i.e. he’s a mature musician who has been a pro for quite a while. He’s an electric guitarist as well as acoustic. He’s into various genres including country, rock, country rock, rock 'n roll, blues, etc.

He’s interested in jam sessions and meeting up with others of similar interests as well as learning more about the music scene in Taiwan.

If anyone has any interest in meeting him and taking care of the old man, then please drop me a line. :wink:

He’s in Taiwan for a month this time around, but if he can find some music in Taiwan and some goings on then he will no doubt be back for a spell he thinks.

Cheers for any news and advice.

Oh, and he’s in Taipei.


Here are some of my vids on Youtube with an old band reunion of mine, Country Legend.

Country Legend


If you’re around, you should definitely check this out.
Not only will you see and hear some great Taipei bands, but it’s also a mammoth, all-takers Rolling Thunder Revue-style jam, so you’ll definitely be wanting to show up axe in hand.


The Muddy Basin Ramblers don’t wear no goddamn nudie shirts but we DO wear hats. And we’d welcome you. Danny Pearl day, though, is the soonest place to meet like-minded people. Introduce yersel’ – I’m the one in the Leadbelly suit and brown Derby hat with alligator shoes.


I’m afraid I’ll miss that one as I will be returning to England for a short stint, the day before that takes place. Thanks very much for the info though, keep it rolling please.

Is there any chance to see anything sooner, or meet some like minded individuals?

Just realised Huashan is in fact in Taipei. Okay, I’ll be there then.


Welcome, The Fenderman.

Definitely take your Tele (or otherwise) along to the Daniel Pearl thing.


Go to Bob and Daves on Friday night. They have the jam I heard, but I’ve never gone.


Bobwundaye is a cool little venue with jam nights (both scheduled and impromptu). The poster known as Rotalsnart may have some more information on forthcoming events, or you can check their Facebook page.

[edit] Friday nights for jamming, says the good doctor. Beat me to it.


Does anyone think they can find Bobwundaye from this Google map point? Is it close?

We quite fancy that. This Friday we’re booked in at Capones for 9pm however, but Bobwundaye is certainly on the list.