Bands, Singers, and Musicians Needed


Here it is. It’s not very visible in that image (just metal shutters) but when it’s open they have the sign out and it’s easier to find.


Best bet for Bob’s is a Friday late-ish. You should be able to hook up with Greg Tackett. Ask at the bar.


We both thank you for all the responses guys. And thank you for the directions too.
I personally fell out of music after I came to Taiwan as the local tat was simply awful and it made me sick to think about it. Its always great when my dad comes back though. I’ve even started singing again. No, not country songs though! :unamused:


Plus as well as being a top notch guitarist, Greg T is a really nice bloke.


Hello everyone, Im making a Flamenco Music Group, So Far, I sing and play the guitar, a spanish guy in the percussion, also a guy from guatemala in the minor percussion, we need a bassplayer (even if you dont have experience in flamenco, we can try), also a Violinist or a Flute player. :whistle:
The Basic idea is play modern flamenco, and a hybrid with arabian and gypsy music.
If u are interested
u can contact me here, we all live in ZhongLi and Taipei.

For having an idea u can watch this similar music here>

Thanks !!


Hello everybody,

In my leisure time, I like to play covers from my favorite singer-songwriters. Only me singing and playing the guitar. You can think of names like David Gray, Tom McRae and Ryan Adams. I would like to play a few songs on a so called ‘open stage’ in a bar or pub in Taipei. Can anybody help me out and tell me about some good places to do this? It would be nice if you could include the location and day/time the gigs are taking place.


John Dean

ps. Check out this you tube post to get an impression of what I do:


I have been wondering the same thing. I have some solo acoustic guitar material I would love to play live, but not sure where to do so.

I would love to play with another guitarist who can solo over stuff so we can do some cool acoustic instrumentals.



Sorry, I am not sure if this post belongs here but I didn’t find a more suitable topic…

I came to TPE last autumn to study more Chinese.
I love music, I have always played music and I would like to start a new project/join a project!

About me: I am a she from Germany, 28, interested in music//movies (from Anderson to Zombie) //art//design//food (healthy and unhealthy)//languages (real and invented)//travel (near and far)//dance//books (with or without pictures) . . . ok alright, yes, also in fashion :discodance:

I like singing and I know how to play recorder (they forced me), piano, violin, bodhrán (that’s the hand drum for example in Irish folk), guitar (but never quite managed the barre chords), accordion and I have my first er-hu lesson this week!

Anyone interested and/or inspired to make some music, please PM me!


Musicians Personals

Greetings…does anyone have any links or bulletin boards for meeting up with other foreign (or any) musicians?
Thanks for your help!


What type of music do you play? I play guitar, I am looking for another player to duet with on steel string acoustics.


First, I have an electric with me, and no acoustic guitar at the moment. There are 2 projects I have in mind, the first involves playing popular, English, cover songs. The second project involves playing death metal. If any of this is interesting to you, let me know!


You can check out this link:

It’s in Chinese, but you can translate the page which will give you the basic idea of each post.


Hello, I am a wannabe musician with a demanding day job. Only recently have I decided to do something about my wannabe dreams. I have intensely studied under one of Taiwan’s top internationally acclaimed musicians for two years now. I have written a master’s thesis on Taiwan Folk Music. My CV ends here.

There will be a Taiwan Moon Guitar (yueqin) competition coming up this July. Unfortunately, I have a bad singing voice. If you have a good singing voice, contact me.

Bonus if you have rudimentary knowledge of Taiwanese pronunciation, as I can transliterate the Han characters of these lyrics for you and drill you during practice sessions. English or any other language (apart from Mandarin) MAY work if that is not an option. We’ll have to see how it sounds.

The competition is this July, and I’m looking to practice seriously and devotedly for all of June and some of July. I work in Taipei city Da’an area and live in Tamsui. Local or foreign, both okay, so long as you are dedicated for this short time at least. Any gender, any nationality, any race, I just want your voice – like the witch in the Little Mermaid.

Serious replies only, please PM me.


Hey guys

I’ve got a band down here in Kaohsiung. We play rock covers, anything from the Beatles and Elvis to Black Sabbath to Nirvana and the Smashing Pumpkins to Wolfmother. Lots of variety from some of the best decades of rock n roll.

We’ve been very well received here in Kaohsiung, and, ok yeah they’re only covers (and if you don’t like that, start another thread on how cover bands suck), but they’re fun and well-known tunes and we do what we do very well (we’ve never failed to get a dancefloor going, and last show we even had crowd surfing and stage dives).

We’re very keen to come up to Taipei to play a gig, and was wondering what some good spots to play would be?



Generally for live rock the places that get mentioned here most often seem to be The Wall and Velvet Underground.

Roxy Roots occasionally has some live acts, also rock and heavier stuff…

Would be fun to have a good band for a change at the Taiwan Beer Factory as well :wink:

Good luck finding a nice place, and please post back here in case you have a show date ready.


the wal is nice for rok, but maybe too big of a venue for only cover band. try the Underground in Shida Lu (very small though)


Pretty sure neither Underground nor the Wall would be interested in a cover band. You could always try, though. Roxy Roots might be a better bet. Do a search here – Roxy Roots often advertises shows on this website. Send them a CD or MP3s or something would probably be your best bet.


thank you for the names of places, next time I’ll go to Taipei I’ll try to check for sure!


hello fellow people, how do you do.

i hope to meet some friends who likes rock n roll music… or any other kind of groovy stuff.
but really, i hope to find a drummer, a bassist or anyone who like to jam a bit, just for fun.
i’m not very good yet at guitars and is still practicing but can work things out.
we can attempt originals if any ideas pop up.
fav stuff : ratm, sabbath, canned heat, potusa, rhcp, a few others.
hopes to play more : nazareth, steppenwolf, ten years after, sir lord baltimore,
truth & janey ( need to find vocalist for some of these ) folk rock also is fun, and some funk.
pls email me if you wanna jam -

its about time :discodance:


Hey guys and gals,
I live in Nankan, in Taoyuan county. I’m looking for someone to jam with on a steady basis during the weekend. I mostly fingerpick on an acoustic guitar but I can do alright with a pick. If someone has an electric guitar or drum kit I can do alright on those also. Let’s make some music?