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Looking for harp musicians

I am a harp enthusiast, especially in playing Irish music. I have a 2nd hand Celtic lever harp (purchased in Taipei) and have taken about 2 years of lessons. I just want to know if there are any others who might share the same interest, perhaps we could get together and share music or maybe even arrange a small-scale recital. I live in Xindian, Taipei county. Any harpers out there?



There’s a Taiwan Harpists’ Association. You might try contacting them. E-mail: taiwanharp [at] Tel. 0943-317-411.


Wow, thank you for that. I didn’t know there was such a union here. I had a look and these people seem to be at a much more professional level than where I am at the moment. I’m actually just hoping to find individual expats like myself, with a common interest in harps. Might be impossible, who knows…

Thanks again for your help.



Guitarist seeks rock band with jazzy/New Age overtones. Currently I only have my Takamine acoustic guitar, a strong axe with a Martin-like sound. I still employ my Pete Townshend-esque staccato lead/rhythm style, and I am a very creative chord-smith. I’m a bit out of practice, but capable, and in my time was a very hot player. Looking for any sort of get-together, whether casual or more serious. I’m a permanent American resident in Taipei.

Please contact me if you are serious and interested in making some fun and beautiful music. Rock on.


Hello! I arrived in Taipei about 6 weeks ago. I am a vocalist from Montreal Canada and I sing jazz, bossa nova, soul, pop, and original compositions. I’ve connected with some fantastic musicians here already but I’m looking forward to meeting and hearing more. You can hear my stuff on my website: Looking forward to meeting you!


Hello! I am a jazz vocalist from Montreal, Canada and I arrived in Taipei in September. I studied at McGill University in jazz performance and I have worked professionally in Canada and abroad. I am interested in building my vocal studio here in Taipei and I am looking for motivated students. Level is not important as I am flexible and happy to build on what you have. My specialty is jazz voice and I can help you with learning new songs, preparing auditions, how to write clear charts (music) for your band, vocal technique, confidence and more. My rate is reasonable and I look forward to discussing your goals and hopes!

My website:
Youtube videos: and

You can email me at the following address:


How would I go about joining a band here in Taipei? Anyone know anywhere I could find people to play music with?


Jimi. THINK before you hit that “Enter” button. Think, lad.


What kind of music are you looking to do? What do you play?

The Riverside Cafe has an ‘Open Jam Session’ on Monday nights. It is really an open mike rather than a jam session but there are a number of players that show up from time to time so it can be a good place to make contacts.


I think it may be difficult to find a Lindisfarne covers band or anyone who wants to play Geordie sea-shanties :wink:


The fog on the Tyne is all mine all mine,
The fog on the Tyne is ALL MINE!


I’m a singer who (to be frank) has far more enthusiasm and entertainment value than actual vocal talent. Never-the-less, I still find every opportunity to rock out a few tunes with some fellow musicians I know here in the UK,and share my voice with the punters at any bar with karaoke going on.

I just wondered if there were any musicians (vocal or instrumental) in Jhongli that had a similar inclination for an impromptu jam session or two, be it grandiose, average, mediocre or just plain fun. I’ll be in Taiwan from January to March 2011 and it’d be good to meet a few new faces!

You can check out my awesome vocals/laugh yourselves silly by visiting

On a similar topic, is anyone a part of/does anyone know of, any bands in the area (or perhaps even further afield) who have some gigs lined up during those months?

Despite what the x-factor/pop idol tv shows say, I’ll always be of the belief that grassroot local bands are the most innovative way forward in the music industry! Has anyone seen any good performances from the local music scene lately?


Well, it depends what people you’re looking for exactly.
If you want to form a band with other foreigners then you’ll need to ask your friends to ask their friends etc. Until you find someone.
But if you’re interested playing with Taiwanese, then you can post a short ad on this website: (you might need to ask someone to help you out with the translation)
That’s how I found my musicians and we’ve been playing together for three years now…


Hi, just wondering if there are any people out there interested in jamming together, im a lead guitarist. Taichung area or changhua area, just reply to blues, rock.


What do you play?

I play guitar and I am also looking for people to play with, let me know if you’re still interested =)


yeah, is a good source. You can also try putting up an add at some of the music shops around Taipei, or checking the adds that are posted already.


Don’t you need a work permit to play in a band. In the east, a few foreigners were busted and deported for playing. Solution… get married! Other that that, don’t you have to get a special “work/performance” permit?



Every so often musicians seek like minds and ears on forumosa. I thought it might be useful to have a spot where people could post what they are looking for, and also find out more about places to play. Gonna merge a few threads here so that we can have everything in one place. Feel free to post your musical skills or any information about open mike nights.

Possible topic of interest:
[url= of Taipei band practice / rehearsal spaces, studios[/url]

Band in San Chung for Club