Banging in Yung He

No, this isn’t for the dating and relashionships forum…

Bangs in Yung He. Anybody know what they are? They don’t sound like fireworks and there is no flash.


construction or over-zealous firework display in the rain?

My bad.

Could it be those firecrackers they use for racing pigeons? You know the ones that go bang preceeded by a whistle. They don’t flash!

They are also tearing up the bike parking lot near Yung An market station, maybe they are blasting away?

The esteemed Dangermouse fortunately (or un-) doesn’t live anywhere near the Yong An Market MRT station.

Off the top of my head, I suspect the wetness may have lodged an earwax in his ear and his head movements and the ball of wax can account for the banging sound he’s experiencing.

But it’s only a wild guess.

New construction - pile drivers.

It was possibly people working on the new apartment building over the DingXi MRT station I believe.