Bangkok to Siem Reap

Has anyone ever traveled to Thailand, then took a bus or taxi to Cambodia? If so, can you share your experience?

Such as how much it is going to cost for the bus or taxi, landing visa into Cambodia, and entrance fee at Angkor Wat, etc.

Other than Angkor Wat, anything else to see at Siem Reap?

Lonely Planet - Thorn Tree Forum should have an answer for you. … forumID=51

This site gives a sound method: Reap

Travelling by train is Thailand is quite pleasurable.

This guy is pretty much the athority on how to get from Bangkok to Siem Reap on your own:

I did this about 6 years ago, I’m not sure about the details. But this is what I remember:

I took a bus from Bangkok to the border, afair it was about 200 baht. There are many bus options, ours had comfy seats, a/c and a bottle of water. It took about 3.5hrs.

At the border you get a tuk tuk to take you across the bridge.

Then we took a ‘taxi’ to seam reap @ USD 50. They are waiting there, no need to pre book. It took about 4 hrs and was the second scariest ride of my life (and I even did some rallying before) it was the first time ever I had to tell someone to stop driving. The roads were shit and he was going at Mach 4. For the return ‘flight’ I asked the hotel to book another driver, and it was the most scariest ride of my life.

I don’t know of a better option…

I did it in 2001. Rough as fuck at the time as Cambodia had no paved roads. Bus to the border, walk across the border, get ripped off by Khmer dudes posing as border officials, 15 people per half-ton, 4 hours swallowing dusty while getting a bruised ass.
For good measure we had to get out and push the truck back onto the road once.