Bank Account Multicurrency

I’m looking for a good bank account to be opened in Taipei. I have visited some banks and it looks fine and easy. I’m looking for a multicurrency bank account that allows me to deposit money from abroad for example in USD and that I can either,

  1. automatically convert in the online banking in TWD with good converson rate, or

  2. I can have a debit card for the account in that foreign currency issued by the tawanese bank that I can use in order to withdraw money from ATM or pay in POS and have the amount automatically converted in TWD.

Does something like this exist in Taiwan?

Yes. Citi issues multicurrency accounts by default.

Yes they are my first choice. Do you think they also issue one debit card per account so you can withdraw directly from an account for example in usd?

No, you would just move the funds around online (or on the app) when you need to.

SC also issues multi-currency accounts easily at account opening.