Bank closings/buyouts

So, is the big bank buyout scare/ economic bailout in the US and a few other countries affecting TW yet? What’s the official reaction? What’s the expat reaction and predictions?

Taiwan has quite a lot of exposure to US Bonds, both the goernment and private sector make up one of the largest global markets. Nan Shan the 3rd biggest insurer (?) is owned by AIG and I am sure there is more exposure in the insurance sector as the assets that they are allowed to invest in are restricted.

My understanding fro within the Insurance industry is that the Taiwan government has taken a protectionist position and will not allow anything to fail. Repatriation of funds from Nan Shan to AIG in NY was blocked for example.

I suspect all will be well at an accuonting level although there may be problems later.

Just my 2C