Bank/credit card online statements in English?

Do you know of any banks or credit card companies that provide an online statement in English?

I would like to be able to manually pay my credit card by online bank transfer.

didn’t know foreigners could get credit cards here. Do you already have one?

No, but about to apply for one. I think I just need a guarantor.

Sure you can. I have a Citibank Taiwan Visa Card. I know I can pay on line in English. I don’t only because the Hsinchu branch is just down the street. The potential downside is I have an account with them and they either insisted or hoped I would keep a minimum of 250KNT$ there. I have. But I know there is a service fee if I drop below this amount.

Sure you can get a CC here, as for paying online in English, I don’t know. I use Taipei Fubon Bank and they only have Chinese websites, which is easy to follow once you get around some basic characters. :wink:

American Express supply English language statements, but they’re not accepting any more applications these days…