Bank of America Taipei 101

Does anyone know if the Bank of America Branch in taipei is a legit full service branch? Whats the deal??

All those banks here (BOA, Chase) are for corporate banking only, not personal, as far as I know

BOA (when it was at Minsheng - Dunhua) at one point opened a retail branch in the IBM building on Dunhua-Bade, which was sold a year or so later to ABN-AMRO, which later sold it to ANZ. It changed names each time and no longer had anything to do with BOA. Bank of America then merged with Merrill Lynch, and is BAML. BAML, in 101 (43F & 48F) is corporate services only, with the exception of services provided exclusively to AIT staff at AIT. So no, there is no BOA presence here for walk-in customers, even if you have a BOA account back home. Nothing. Zip. Nada.

thanks guys. I ended up calling the US to check and you are right… Corporate banking only

Necro bump, but 1st on Google - when you say corporate, you mean if I have an LLC account in the States, I can utilize them?