Bank or account for both tw and usa?

what bank can I open so I can access money from both countries? I don’t like to change money everytime I travel between those countries…also would like to access tw accoun while I am in states and vice versa…any bank that can do that? or any suggestions…thanks

also what’s the differennce between putting money in post office, bank, and 農會…in the states when the bank go bankrupcy if it’s FDIC insured you get some money back…how about in tw? post office is government so maybe won’t fail…but I heard some small bank in tw is kinda dangerous…is it true? thanks

You might like to check up on the International Bank of China (ICBC)
I know they have branches in Australia (but not many) you could check if they have branches in the states.

I opened up two accounts with them, on efor foreign currency, which I keep my $AUD in so I have quick access to it if I need it, and one for local currency.

I think I may have seen a Bank of Hk (sorry I don’t remember its official name) here too and they also have branches in Oz.

yup they have branches in NY LA and chicago…

hmm how about citibank…is it only a credit card company?