Bank that does currency exchange

I’m trying to find a place where I can exchange Canadian Dollars for New Taiwan Dollars. Are banks that do currency exchange easy to find? I live near MRT Neihu Station; are there any banks that do currency exchange near here? Or where can I find some banks that do? Preferably near an MRT station. Thanks~

I am watching you.

It’s Canadian Dollars, I think that is not that easy. Try Mega Bank. There is one inside the Neihu Science Park.

Here, addresses in Chinese for branches around Neihu:
內湖分行 051 11489台北市內湖區成功路四段68號 02-27932050
內湖科學園區分行 237 11492台北市內湖區瑞光路472號 02-87983588
東內湖分行 067 11494台北市內湖區港墘路202號 02-26275699

Seriously ?? Are Canadian dollars harder to exchange than Australian or HK dollars - and if so, why?
AFAIR - I always see Canadian exchange rates in my bank.

Dunno, most banks only carry USD and Euros -maybe. Canadian dollars they go blink blink blink…

Try Taiwan Bank near Ganggian MRT. They are an international exchange bank.

I haven’t done currency exchange in so long, I forgot how it worked. Where can you exchange different currencies for one another?

I have 2 banks in Taiwan. Will the banks do it? Will there be a big fee?

Banks usually have an “authorized currency exchange bank” gold sign outside. Nowadays most banks can do currency exchange. If in doubt, look for the sign. When I first came to Taiwan years ago, hardly any banks would exchange British pound, in the end I went with Mega bank.

Thank you for your response. It was helpful.

I meant to ask you, when simply converting currencies, did they charge you a few or percentage?

If I remember correctly, there was no fee, but you are exchanging at the bank’s conversion rate, so you still lose a bit

They all charge a fee and even if the it’s lower than some other banks, they’ll screw you on the exchange rate.