Banking in this land of continual surprise


I had noticed my bank in Australia will now allow me to now send money overseas thru Internet Banking - direct to my Taiwan bank account.

Good idea - so I try a little test.

First go to my Taiwan bank - make sure that the details are exactly right - would be a pity if it landed in someone else’s account and I tried to get it back in an unfamiliar country )

So is all fine - nice girl rings - your money has arrived - in my account? - No - you need to bring your passport to the bank to receive the funds (what I think she said) - so I say - it was sent to an account!! - what is the problem?? - sudden loss of English.

So Ms rian calls the bank - seems I have to go to the bank and sign some particular contract to allow them to deposit TT funds in my account!!!

Why is this place so different - I had money TT to my account when I was in Hong Kong 20 years ago. The money was in my account long before they started to figure out how to tell me it had arrived!!

In New Zealand or Australia the Taiwan bank would be guilty of an offence of failing to apply funds as instructed.