Banking While Waiting on ARC Extension

After searching through the forums, I wasn’t able to find what I felt was an accurate analog to my situation.

A few days ago, I went to my local NIA to update my ARC and didn’t think anything of them holding onto it while I waited the two weeks. I just realized, however, that I was wanting to open a new bank account (or just use some banking services with the post office).

From what I understand, normally, you need your ARC or an RIN with your passport. What would be the best action for my case right now? Do I need to go back to NIA and get a copy of my old ARC? Copy and RIN (since I’ve heard banks aren’t always happy with just a copy)? Could my NHI card with the ARC no. work?

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I renewed my ARC recently and they let me hold on to it but told me that in order to get my new one I had to bring the old one back with me.

You could simply start filling out paperwork now and by the time you finish, your card should be ready to pick up.