Bankruptcy and Moving to Taiwan

Recently I have been considering moving back to Taiwan to teach English. However, I am also leaning towards filing for bankruptcy in the U.S… would that cause any sort of trouble with moving to Taiwan to work?

If anyone has any information on this I would really appreciate it. My email is

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The only way that bankruptcy could interfere with your ability to arrive and land a teaching job is if bankruptcy, in your case, truly means total lack of funds. Obviously you need money to get here, and eat 3 meals a day at 7-11 until you get work, but I’m talking about something else.

One of the requirements for a visitors visa was/is to prove that you have sufficient funds to be self-supporting for the 60-day period of the visa. The immigration people are not specific about what that means. I got the impression that it was $3-5K in a bank account with documentation to prove it. Alternately, you can create and produce a letter signed by someone else who will accept financial responsibility for you while you’re here (kind of an insurance policy, though not actually). That person can surely be Taiwanese or can possibly be a family member back in the States. Other than this financial requirement, no one here in an official capacity has ever inquired about my financial status, here or back home. Others may have different experiences.

Check out this website, specifically the “visa” section, for more details: