Banks trying to improve?

So I have signed a non-disclosure agreement so I can’t reveal exact details but I have been asked to discretely asses a banks English service and attitude towards foreigners.

Actual attempt to improve and end the unnecessary requests/discrimination or just for show?


It’s too early to call.

You do the assessment, you file the report, and then we’ll see if anything changes. :slightly_smiling_face:



They aren’t asking to you to make a deposit at a bank are they?

I hope its First Bank because they are horrible to foreigners Actually Hua Nan is about the same.

To assess the problems you have to try to use their phone services also.

And try to open multiple different type of accounts and ask for the preferential credit cards etc and see their response.

To me it wasnt a problem related to language but real functional discrimination against non Taiwan ID holders and those who look non Chinese/Taiwanese.


They haven’t told me the exact assignments yet, only given some examples. but everything they need to me to do will either be to ask theoretical questions or no ID required tasks

Then that’s garbage.
They should ask you to actually try to open accounts.
Anyway hope you get $$$.


Well I’m pretty confident they will ask for ID for the no ID required tasks and will provide wrong answers to the questions :sweat_smile:


Can I join?


Does the name of the bank rhyme with Made?

After 2 visit it doesn’t feel like there’s any desire to improve. The company conducting the research questions me on every piece of negative feedback given, as if they expect every answer to be a 10/10 perfect score. The banks have yet to answer any theoretical questions correctly but this is not part of the grade the receive and is just ‘open ended feedback’.
One of the ‘English speaking staff’ could not speak English another could speak English but didn’t understand basic banking terms like “savings account” and “make a deposit”…

One bank took me to the wrong counter and I was told I should have given them a good score for their counter service…


Looks like some well-earned full marks for the Taiwanese banking sector then. No need for them to change anything. Bilingual 2030 here we come!


Soon on Taiwan News: “Bank testers in Taiwan receive bad scores!”


My money is on “just for show.”


They are gonna fire this guy as a tester unless they get a gold star for every transaction, deserved or not.


Maybe the banks should do it like the restaurants: Rate us 5 stars and you’ll receive some free food! (Or some bank-themed weirdly-shape EasyCard-Token in this case maybe)


And after they get their gold stars, they will promote themselves as “foreigner-friendly banks”.


The attitude towards foreigners is not even the biggest problem. The banking system itself is a bigger problem.

I do not see how they need anybody to ass(es) anything, it is clearly shit.


Isn’t it just!
I’m new to Taiwan banking and it’s horrendously out of date, still Chinese banking system from the year dot! I reckon the abacus is hidden when they see a foreign face.
I like other Foromosans have opened accounts in their own country online using video ID, whilst living in Taiwan.

Try that with a Taiwan bank as a national living in Taiwan :rofl:

I told the company representative guy that it’s a waste of the banks money, they could google everything they want to know :joy:

And, I think for most of us, their English ability isn’t the problem. It’s their refusal to provide banking services with no legitimate reason.


Quote for the truth. Just walking past a bank in Taiwan is a stress. Going through the door for service is frightening.

Every time I require something I have to go in multiple times to sort out issues that were broken the first time.