Banks trying to improve?

I wonder if this bank asks the TONS of Taiwanese who might be holding US passports to “prove” that they don’t.



I wonder too. Those dual citizens are liable for FATCA reporting, right? Seems like the banks would be taking a big risk not making sure.

17 years according to him

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Btw I did another visit today and one of the questions i had to ask is ‘is a passport needed to open an account, i have an ARC?’ The bank’s policy is actually NO a passport isn’t required but some form of ID from you country’s government is required.

Obviously the staff answered the question incorrectly and said a passport is required. She got full marks for answering the question in an easy to understand way despite being incorrect :joy:


Passing bank tellers notes? That won’t cause any trouble.

Is the policy available to read somewhere?

Not publicly as far as I know. Apparently not internally either though :joy::joy:

I wasn’t provided policies just ‘expected answers’ which hopefully have been derived from their policies


Not sure if this is against the NDA or something. Do some banks have different policy for foreigners? Like internally, written officially somewhere.

Many of the banks websites have their foreigner policy which usually isn’t very different to their policy toward Taiwanese.

The issue is that the official ‘policy’ isn’t a reality


3 more visits done. 1 was excellent and I’m going to go back to make a genuine credit card application.
1 could speak English but had one staff member who didn’t like that I was there and kept interrupting the teller with the usual foreigner BS. Another couldn’t speak English even though it’s branded they can and they also didn’t want me there but were less upfront about it. She might just be terrible at customer service and hate everyone haha


They’ll probably use your feedback to designate that person their new International Customer Service Representative.


Like the guy who hired you asked the banks which branch can speak English?

The banks are already branded as bilingual, some trilingual. They’ve asked me (and others as I couldn’t do all of them) to see if their English service is any good and there’s set questions I need to ask and see how they answer. I’m contracted through a market research company that the bank has hired.

Oh, where can we see this “branding”?

On the doors lol

Well next to the doors actually :sweat_smile:

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By that, I think they just mean “we’ll try to speak English by 2030”.

Given the ubiquity of post office ATMs in Taiwan, I suppose this counts as an attempt to improve. In addition to Chinese and English, the additional four languages are Japanese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Thai.



Probably but I don’t know why this bank even cares about English. If they just did their job properly in Chinese no one would have a problem.

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Do you know if the FSC or someone else maintains a list of these bilingual/trilingual branches? I’ve been googling “銀行” and “雙語”, but couldn’t find one.

edit: Never mind, some banks list them on their website.