Banned Breed List in Taiwan

Hi guys, i am trying to find out if there is a banned breed list in Taiwan. I have an American Bulldog which i would want to bring with me, the pet transporter is looking into whether or not they are a banned breed. I have been unable to find this out on line. Do you know of any banned breeds there ? steve

why are not huskies a banned breed? It really riles me seeing them in Taiwan, especially selfish pricks taking them hiking in Summer. Stray Dog, please clarify if there are any banned breeds. Cheers.

No they are not banned there are plenty of APBT and Tibetan Mastiff here so American bull dogs are def not banned. Stop talking like that and giving them ideas. Don’t even mention BSL please.
Some airline ban breeds but Taiwan no it is fine. Taiwan is a sensible society and does not go for such dumb legislation

Cheers Fenlander. BSL is on the way out over here too, i shall not mention it again. :slight_smile:

well i meant Taiwan is sensible as far as not having a bull breed paranoia thing going lol
As for being sensible in other areas well don’t get your hopes up ha ha

Anyways I hope you manage to get your bulldawg over here. By the way watch out for poison and idiot drivers with your dog when in Taiwan. Poison is a problem here. Ask UKbikerchick about posion she’ll tell you