Banned Members

Sadly, not all people are cut out for Forumosa, and sometimes we have to make the unpleasant decision to remove someone from the boards. I cut and pasted this from [url= post I made earlier this year[/url]:

[quote=“Maoman”]We have a (very effective, IMO) process in place. To quote from our very own rules page:

Bannings will not be discussed nor cases retried in the court of public opinion. We simply do not have time. Even if we did, I don’t think we’d have the inclination. You should be aware that the offending posts that get a person banned are stored in a moderator-viewable Flame Forum, (next to the moderator-viewable porn gallery.)[/quote]
In this thread, starting from August 2005, I will list all members who have been banned.

I imagine some people will want to post about banned members, but remember that we may or may not respond. I have to emphasize this: We will not re-try cases in the court of anonymous cyber opinion. We have a group of dedicated, accessible moderators, and they do an outstanding job in keeping Forumosa friendly, spirited, useful, free, and fun. While I trust none of them individually :wink: , collectively they’re a pretty good bunch, and their opinions are highly valued by me.

[li]Dave’s girl, proposed for a ban on August 19th, 2005, for attempted blackmail and personal attacks, Star Chamber voted in favour of a ban.[/li]
[li]Toe Save, banned by administration on September 9th, for repeatedly sending harrassing PMs.[/li][li]Rantheman, proposed for a ban on October 26th for threatening a fellow poster[/li][/ul]