Banner System Progress


OK, I’ve finally gotten around to creating a new banner “zone”. We plan to retire the 800 size from the ORIENTED site – although no decision has been made about the 800 zone on ORIENTED’s sister websites.

I’ve also uploaded 400 pixel versions of the banners we want to rotate and added an extra banner space on the Front page and these forums.

Other sections of the website (namely, the online databases and content) will follow gradually over the next few weeks. Feel free to drop me reminders at in case I forget


Gus, what’s with these damned infernal pop-ups I’ve been getting since Monday? Are these coming from Oriented? Say it aint so, or tell me how I can set my browser to stop them appearing.


Thank you for the lookout, sandman.

We do have one (1) pop up “ad”: from the front page, inviting visitors to sign up for the weekly bulletin.

Clicking on the banners in the forums will open a new window, but this shouldn’t happen on other pages of the website. It still might with the large 150x800 pixel banners you see, but I intend to stop that – I don’t like pop ups either.

Now, I’m unsure if both of the above explanations satisfy your question. I get annoying pop-“downs” (I forget the real jargon for pop ups that stay behind the window you are visiting) when I visit the NYTimes website – one of the “worst” websites I regularly visit for shameless advertising, imho.

Also, I used to use custom web-mail like and – I’ve learned that these surreptitiously (and “maliciously” in my view) install remote dialers and registrar software on your PCs. I’ve since disconnected and discontinued many of the webmail systems that I have set up becuase of this.

In short, I actually don’t know what is causing your pop-ups – mostly becuase I’m still guessing about what’s causing mine. However, it isn’t anything I’m doing on this website. The Banner Rotations I use are very standard and pretty simple – although I’ve managed to complicate things. But this difficulty is only apparent from my end of the web-browser, not yours. I’ll be posting my progress in simplifying the banner situation over the next few weeks.

On a separate issue, I am surprised that you are able to post in this Announcements forum (psst, you aren’t supposed to!) On that note, the DisORIENTED forum was also supposed to be an Administrator/Moderator only posting forum. Obviously, something ain’t working. Meanwhile, in the “No Registration Required forums”, unregistered visitors are being required to register first! Shit…

… please keep the bug reports coming – and don’t be surprised if you can’t reply in this forum (I’ll “fix” it sometime ) Bug reports should appear in the Feedback Forum or e-mailed to